4 Colors for Your Cellular Shades in Fallbrook That Will Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation

You’re possibly looking for a change of color in your home. Your cellular shades in Fallbrook are one of the easiest elements in your home to change, whether you’re renting or you’ve bought your home. Bring the vacation to your living space with these four top colors.

Go for the Sunny Yellow

One of the best colors you can ever choose is yellow. Opt for a bright and sunny color, something that you’d likely use in a nursery for a baby when you don’t know the gender. The color is semi-neutral, making it easy to build upon in other parts of your décor and will fit the décor you already have.

Yellow is known for brightening up your day. Psychologically, it will always put a smile on your face, as you think about the sun, the sand, and all the happy memories that you have. Whichever room you’re in, it will definitely put you in a positive mental state.

You don’t even need the whole cellular shades in Fallbrook to be yellow. Opt for yellow polka dots, stripes, or even blend with other colors and you’ll have something that looks amazing.

Choose a Coral Color

Pink can be overwhelming in the house but it’s also a girl, feel-good color. Instead of choosing pink, why not opt for coral. And when you see it, you’ll immediately think of coral and that instantly puts the idea of shells and water in your mind. You’ll feel like you’re on a vacation all the time.

While not as neutral as yellow, it is an excellent color to easily build upon. Coral is closer to peach, so you’ll think of sweetness and sunshine every day and you’ll keep the room light.

Cellular Shades in Fallbrook in Seafoam Green

Step away from the bolder colors and work with something mild and slightly muted. Seafoam green is beautiful and will certainly work with any décor you currently have. Just thinking of the name of the color will make you think of a tropical destination.

You’ll feel like you’re on a beach somewhere sipping Pina coladas. Plus, the light green will help to keep the light reflecting around the room, so even on the dullest day you feel good!

Go Jade for a Forestry Feeling

Sometimes, you don’t want the reminder of the beach. Your ideal vacation may being the middle of a forest, camping with family. This is where jade green is the perfect color for your cellular shades in Fallbrook.

Jade is a deeper green that will remind you of the color of trees. You don’t get the neutral color – although it is better than bold pink! – but it is easy to work with the majority of other colors in your home. The green will help you feel calm and relaxed, as you would in the middle of a forest on a camping vacation.

It’s time to bring the vacation to your home. Make your living room always feel like you’re in summer mode with the colors for cellular shades in Fallbrook above.

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