3 Tips to Maintain Your Curtains in Vista

Curtains are excellent options for your window coverings. They are easy to manage, affordable to buy, and durable for all rooms. You just need to look after them to help maintain their material structure. One of the downsides to Vista curtains is that they suffer a lot of UV damage. Here are the top three ways to maintain your curtains to ensure they are worth your money.

Shake Them Out Regularly

Vista curtains will collect dust in the home. Even if you clean on a daily basis, dust will collect. You can also get pet hairs and some pollen if you have flowers on your windowsill. You’ll want to make sure you get rid of the buildup of particles from the material.

It’s very easy to avoid too much dust build up. Whenever you open and close your curtains, just give them a shake. Grab the middle of the curtains to shake out the bottom, where most of the particles will accumulate.

If you don’t use your curtains in Vista daily, you’ll want to shake them out at least once a day. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to help get rid of particles higher up in the material.

Use a Netting Over the Window

While curtains are designed to protect the home from UV damage, you’ll want to take steps to protect the material. The fibers will succumb to rot if you allow too many rays to hit them regularly.

A thin net curtain will help to protect the window coverings. You can hang it directly over the window, between the window and the curtain. Not only do you get some UV protection but you will also get a little extra privacy throughout the day. The net curtains won’t block the light, as they tend to be see-through and light in color. The benefit is for the UV rays.

Alternatively, you can buy UV protectors for the back of the curtains in Vista. This will offer a little layer of protection from the ray damage.

If you are worried about UV rot, opt for lighter colored curtains. The darker shades will absorb more light and suffer more damage.

Wash Them Once a Month

The difference between Vista curtains and drapes is that curtains are designed for regular removal. You can take them from the windows to wash them through and clean thoroughly. Once a month is a good amount of time between washes.

When you are washing, make sure you follow the instructions on the material. Don’t wash by machine if they state hand-wash or dry clean only. You will damage the material and leave your curtains worthless.

Avoid tumble drying your curtains on a high heat. The material is usually designed for low heat only.

Curtains in Vista are good options for keeping light out of the home. They are thick for the winter to keep the heat from escaping. However, you want to maintain and care for your curtains to extend their life and make sure they are worth the money.

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