3 Tips to Clean Your Cellular Shades in Escondido without Ruining Them

Every now and then you will need to clean your Escondido cellular shades. The problem is you’re likely to use chemicals that will damage the shades. Or you will soak them in too much water, which will affect the strength and durability of the blinds. The last thing you want is for the material to crumble or them to suffer more UV damage when you put them back up.

Cleaning isn’t strenuous or difficult. In fact, the ease of cleaning is one of the reasons to buy cellular shades for your home. Here are three tips to clean your shades without ruining them.

Use Air to Remove the Dead Bugs

Sometimes bugs will get into the combs of your cellular shades in Escondido. It’s annoying and can lead to some infestations. You’ll want to tackle them as soon as possible. The great news is you can do it quickly and effortlessly.

Get a can of compressed air and a plastic straw. Place the straw into the shade and press for the air to come out. If you don’t have a can of compressed air, you can use a hairdryer instead. Make sure you keep the hairdryer on the cool setting to avoid damaging the shades. The hairdryer isn’t as precise but it’s quick and easy.

The bugs, carcasses, and eggs will all blow out the other side of your shades. You can then vacuum them up quickly.

Vacuum the Dust Up!

Your Escondido cellular shades will start to look dull and grey because of dust and dirt buildup. Many people only just shake out the blinds, but sometimes you need something a little stronger. The vacuum is the perfect tool.

Don’t just use the hose. Put the upholstery brush onto the nozzle and run across the shades in the direction of the pleats. Not only will you suck up the dust, but you loosen it from within the pleats to get more of it in one go.

If you have stubborn sections, you’ll need to rub gently. The benefit of the brush is that it will dislodge the majority of it on the first run. You can also use a lint roller gently to get rid of the most stubborn sections.

Use a Damp Cloth on the Shades

Getting your cellular shades in Escondido wet will damage the pleats, but sometimes you have stubborn shades on the material. You’ll need to use some water, right? Well, you want to use as little as possible and you definitely don’t want to use any harsh chemicals. Pull out a damp cloth, using a little mild soap detergent if you really need it.

Rub the cloth into the spot, placing your other hand on the other side of the blind to avoid damaging the pleats. Don’t rub too hard, as you’ll actually spread the stain! Blot it out with the damp cloth.

If something has spilled onto your shades accidentally, blot it out before it has chance to dry. You’ll find you avoid the stain and limit the need to blot harder.

You can clean your Escondido cellular shades without damaging them. You can get into the combs and avoid misshaping the pleats. It’s all about using the right type of materials for all your needs. The three tips above will help to keep your shades looking bright and just like new, and avoid an infestation of bugs!

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