3 Tips for Layering Your Draperies in Bonsall Like a Pro

Layering Bonsall draperies used to be a thing of the past, but it’s come back with a passion. It’s an effective way to create a beautiful look in your home, while offering heating and light control benefits. However, you want to do it in a way that brings the layers with a modern twist. Here are three tips to layering your drapes like a pro.

Use Solor Shades or Sheer Drapes

Start with the layer closest to the window. You need to decide on the type of material and style you’re going to use. When you want to add a modern twist to your layering, opt for sheer materials. You want to allow the light into the home without the glare. This material closest to your window is the layer that remains closed the majority of the time.

Solar shades or sheer draperies in Bonsall are the best. They allow the light to come into the home, bringing the airy feeling. However, you’ll get the protection against the UV damage and they’ll minimize the heat in the home.

Net curtains used to be popular. They can bring a slight 90s feeling to the home. Meanwhile, other types of shades and blinds can lead to a slightly older feeling and don’t offer all the lighting benefits of the solar shades or sheer drapes.

Use Two Separate Poles

When you’re working with sheer drapes, it’s common to think you only need one pole. Surely you can alternate the hooks, so you Bonsall draperies sit perfectly over the top of the sheer ones. However, when you open the drapes, your sheer ones will open too. And you can’t sit your outer drapes on the outside of the pole, as you’ll pull the sheer drapes open at the outsides when closing the drapes.

You’ll need two poles, which means one needs to sit comfortably over the top of the other. This is the best way to hide the extra pole. Solar shades can be popular to avoid this problem, as the solar shades can be placed in the window frame.

Opt for Complimentary Colors

Chances are your solar shades or sheer Bonsall draperies will be white or cream. Using a neutral color is popular, as it keeps the light feeling in the home and makes it easier to match your lining layer with your outer drapes. However, you can opt for other colors.

Whatever you do, opt for colors that complement each other. The outer drapes are going to be the ones that you want to pull more of the focus to, so make them patterned or brighter colors. They’re the ones you want to work the most with the décor in the home.

You can still layer your draperies in Bonsall without bringing the old-school looks and feelings. You need to work with the right type of layered materials and colors. With the three tips above, you’ll bring a fresh and practical look to your window treatments.

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