3 Ideas to Transform Your Blinds from Lutron in San Marcos

After a while your San Marcos Lutron shades and blinds can start to look old and worn. You don’t want to spend more money on replacing them, so you want to transform them into something brighter and new. Here are three ideas to transform older blinds into something bright that you’re proud of displaying in your home.

Start With a Good Clean

Sometimes, all your blinds will need is a good clean. This means getting into the slats and really clearing out the dust. The collection of dust and dirt can leave the blinds looking old and worn.

There’s no need to take the San Marcos Lutron blinds down. Start with a rag at the end of small duster to get rid of the tougher dirt. You can then use a damp cloth to get into the nitty gritty parts. Don’t forget about the cords for the blinds, as they’ll start to look old and worn.

When it comes to the roller, solar, and other types of shades, you’ll want to use a damp cloth. Don’t use anything other than warm soap water to clean off any stains that have formed over the years.

Use Artwork Stencils

It’s time to give your blinds an uplift with stencils. You can get a range of styles, whether you love Celtic knot patterns or you want to add vines to your shades. Place the stencils on the blinds when they’re closed and get to work with colors of your choice.

Think about the colors in your room before you get to work. You’ll want to match any coloring detail, especially if you’re looking to go bold on your blinds from Lutron in San Marcos.

This tip doesn’t work as well for roman shades, due to the way they look when opened and closed. However, stencils are perfect for venetian blinds, vertical slat blinds, and roller shades.

Add Lace for Detail

Instead of adding stencils to the blinds, why not pull out the lace? You can add this in strips along your venetian blinds if you’d like. The material can also decorate the edges of your roller shades from San Marcos Lutron.

Lace comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Opt for white to start, adding a crisp layer with detail over your current blinds. When opting for colors, work with the coloring in the room first.

Lace also works beautiful on roman shades. You can place it along the edges when the shades cascade to create a masterpiece for your room.

It’s time to get creative with your blinds from Lutron in San Marcos. The blinds can start to look old and worn after a while, especially if you don’t maintain them regularly. Look at the above ways to create fresh looking blinds that work with your décor, whether old or new. You’ll soon have a new art project for every room of the home and the kids will love getting involved!

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