What Window Treatment Is Best For The Bathroom?

No matter where you live in the Pacific Northwest, no matter if you reside in a house, condo, apartment, townhouse, tiny house, castle...we all have this in common: there is a bathroom, and it most likely has a window. Now, what you do with this window is usually a little different than any other room of your Bothell home. The bathroom tends to have specific needs, privacy included. But just because this room serves a particular function, doesn’t mean you have to ignore your style or theme. With so many options at Bothell Budget Blinds, you’ll have a hard time choosing what you like best for your little sanctuary. Because no two bathrooms are the same, we’ve come up with some of our best options to share with you - to match your window size, shape, and style in a room you see every single day.

Faux Wood

Easily one of the top bathroom window treatments, faux wood blinds are ideal for this space because they are so versatile; elegant while made to resist moisture without cracking, warping, or collecting mildew. Super easy to clean, they are hassle-free yet classic all at the same time. Because the slats point either up or down when closed, it’s virtually impossible to be peeped in on from the outside - unless you choose to keep them open in a very easy visual accessible area.

Woven Wood

Woven wood shades offer a natural and contemporary look to the bathroom. The texture of these unique shades not only add visual interest but also play a huge role in diffusing the natural light, creating a soft atmosphere. They are the best of both worlds by letting the natural light in, while still giving you a sense of privacy.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are able to stand up to high humidity areas and effectively resist fading and cracking due to their synthetic materials. Because of their durability, composite shutters work well in steamy bathrooms and are excellent window coverings for higher levels of sun exposure by offering an easy way to control light and privacy. These window treatments are also low maintenance, easily cleaned, and are available in five frame styles to work with a wide variety of unique window shapes and sizes that you sometimes find yourself facing in different restrooms.

Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

Vinyl horizontal blinds are one of the most functional and affordable window coverings available. They are highly resistant to heat and moisture, making them a perfect choice for sun-facing or humid bathrooms. These simple blinds are the essence of functional design, as they are stain resistant and easy to clean. Available in a variety of colors and textures, they can be easily mixed and matched with your existing Kirkland, Washington home decor. They also come with additional privacy options, such as cloth tapes that can cover gaps to increase light control and provide you with additional privacy.

Roman Shades

Perfect with almost any design or aesthetic, roman shades are a beautiful yet practical option for the bathroom. With endless color and pattern options, it will be easy to match your shades to the room. These shades allow you to control natural light, add softness to the hard surfaces of the bathroom, and help absorb sound. And guess what, there are actually fabrics you can choose to help withstand high moisture, as in a bathroom.

Whatever your goals are for your bathroom, there are multiple options for you. This is one area you can’t escape going, so create an atmosphere that feels good to you. Need help? We happen to know a few experts who would love to lend a hand.

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