How to Make Your Real Wooden Blinds in Kenmore Last.

Wooden blinds in Kenmore look beautiful in the home. The problem is that they don’t always last. If you don’t look after your blinds properly, the heat from the window and the UV rays can cause warping and can degrade the material. You’ll need to take steps to look after your blinds to make sure you get the best value for your money.

 There are a few simple steps that you can take o look after your real wood blinds. You don’t need to replace with faux wood if you don’t want. Here are the top tips to make your real wood blinds last.

 Keep Them Open Now and Then

 Having them consistently down will lead to more risk of warping. They’re constantly in the line of direct sunlight. Even if you have the slats open, you will find the material suffers from some of the heat that comes through the windows.

 Open your wooden blinds in Kenmore completely now and then. This helps to keep them out of the direct sunlight, so the UV rays aren’t consistently touching them. You’ll want to try to get all slats out of the light, but you may find that the bottom ones are in the way. However, at least it’s just the bottom ones that will need replacing instead of the whole blind!

 Use the Right Treatments for Wood

 Look into the treatments for your wooden blinds. You’ll want to apply the treatments at least every year but you could find yours need to have the treatments every six months. It’s going to depend on whether you get constant sun or not through your windows. 

Treatments will help to protect the wood. You’ll usually get a varnish but you could need other long-term treatments to help avoid warping and damage within the wooden slats. 

If you’re not sure, talk to the company you got the blinds from. Find out what they recommend for your blinds and the direction your windows face.

 Consider Tinting Windows to Protect Wooden Blinds in Kenmore

 You could opt to take more long-term strategies to protect your blinds. Tinting windows is becoming popular, with the success it has on windshields and back windows in a car.

 The tinting prevents the UV rays from shining through as much. They’re weaker by the time they reach the blinds, so they don’t warp and damage as much. 

Doesn’t this negate the need for blinds? Won’t it plunge your home in constant darkness? Not necessarily! You don’t need to tint the whole window. Many people opt to just tint the top part of the window, the part that sees most of the direct sunlight. You will still want your blinds for privacy, heating benefits in the winter, and much more.

 You want to look after your wooden blinds in Kenmore. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on them to dress every window in the home. With the above tips, they’ll last their full lifetime and look amazing the whole time.

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