The Best Window Treatments For Your Cozy Window Seat

Window seats are a unique part of the home. They can act as your own private getaway cove, created to allow you to enjoy the natural light while using their built in support and/or storage space. Some Kirkland homes have window seats in the bedroom, living room, or home office.

Regardless where the window seat resides, there’s typically one common goal: maximum comfort. Your choice of window treatments will play a big role in the overall outcome of your aesthetic and comfort goals. Below are some of our suggestions for the best window treatments for your window seats, depending on your personal preference.

Option #1 - Shades

Window shades are one of the best options for window seats. Shades are the least fuss option, never interfering with the window bench or anything else in the close quarters space. They provide a clean, cut appearance, while still giving a soft, classic look. You can shade each window separately for more control on sunlight, or use one large shade to cover the entire window space for simpler function. Roman shades, roller shades, or sheer shades are all perfect for the window seat scenario.

Option #2 - Drapes

Some window seats are placed beneath bay windows, providing a larger space to be covered overall. Drapes are actually a perfect option for bay windows. Seemingly, you would think they would provide too much fabric. But really, they offer a wonderfully cozy look and feel to the space, while effectively meeting your window shade lighting and insulation needs. The drapes can soley cover the window, or can extend to cover the entire window seat - completely your preference. The bench can be used with the drapes drawn to the side, or closed for lighting and temperature control. Make your space even more relaxing by motorizing your drapes, controlling your preference without moving from your nest.

Option #3 - Shutters

Shutters, or Wood Shutters, provide a more architectural look to the window seat and overall appearance and the room. These window treatments would be fixed into the window space to filter light by opening or closing the slats, without ever needing to fully move the shutters from the window. These also bring a clean, clear look, but do not have as much flexibility as shades.


Plump up your window seat with comfy pillows and maybe a favorite blanket. You can use larger pillows around the back to offer support, while the more fluffy pillows can rest against them to create your own little paradise. Mix and match colors and patterns to brighten up or completely change the entire atmosphere of the room.

Grab your favorite book and a cozy beverage, and curl up on your personally made window seat to enjoy the rest of the Pacific Northwest winter. Watch the changing Washington weather from the comfort of your Kirkland, Bothell or Lynnwood home.

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