The Best Way to Clean Your Blinds and Shades

Unless you’re a cleaning superhero, you’re probably like most of the population who completely forgets about their blinds or shades until they notice a thick layer of dust beginning to rise. You then haphazardly wipe off what you can with whatever you can find quickly, and walk away forgetting about the rest until the same scenario happens weeks later. Listen, we get it. No shame. However, you can save yourself the panic by taking less than 30 minutes a month to clean your blinds and shades with these efficient directions.

How to Clean Blinds  

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds: Just like wood furniture, you want to dust these blinds with either a soft, clean cloth or a chemically treated cloth specifically made for wood. The easiest route is to lower the blinds to full length and tilt the slats to an almost closed position - leaving a tiny bit of space so you can reach the entire slat. This way you can reach more than one blind at once, then flip the slats the other way and repeat. Super easy.

Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds: The blind placement during the cleaning process is similar to the wood blinds, extending the blinds full length, tilting the slats, and keeping a tiny bit of space open between each slat. For quick access, pull the blind slightly away from the window with a taut grip. For these blinds, the two best cleaning products are a soft dusting-brush (ideally attached to your vacuum cleaner), or a damp (not soaking) microfiber cloth to wipe the slats with water. Allow the blinds to air dry, and voila! You’re done.

How to Clean Shades 

Cellular Shades, Roman Shades, and Sheer Shades: How do we count the ways shades rise to the top of our favorite list? Not only do these insulating window treatments save money on utility bills for Washington’s changing seasons, but they are also ridiculously easy to clean. Next time you are vacuuming, take one extra step and use the dusting tool on your vacuum on your shades. One quick swipe on low suction, and you’re good to go. Have a stain? Simply use mild dish detergent with lukewarm water to dab the fabric.

Roller Shades: Requiring just a bit more effort, you can clean classic vinyl roller shades a few ways depending on the level of need. For a fast cleaning treatment, use a well-wrung cloth or sponge submerged in mild dish soap to gently wipe the shades one section at a time working from the bottom to top. Keep the shades fully extended until dry. Maybe your roller shades have never been cleaned and you have a little more time to tackle the dust. If so, you can remove the shades and give them a bath! Using warm water, fill the tub and add a few squirts of that same mild dish detergent. With a soft brush, clean the shades on both sides. Rinse, air-dry, and display your “new” roller shades.

Sometimes, just knowing how to do something takes away the overwhelm of what may initially seem to be a tedious task. Now that you see how efficiently you can keep your blinds and shades sparkling, you can fully enjoy your window treatments as you watch the changing seasons of the Pacific Northwest - whether it be your home in Bothell, Kirkland or Lynnwood, Washington.

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