How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

There are few rooms where privacy is more important than the bathroom. Check out these tips to find the best bathroom blinds for your home.

Remodeling or updating your bathroom is a big project. From picking tile to choosing new fixtures, you already have a lot of decisions to make.

Some owners make the mistake of rushing to choose blinds, but your bathroom blinds are more important than you think. Not all blinds are right for the bathroom, though. Certain materials and styles offer a range of benefits than others.

Choosing the wrong type of blinds can end up costing you more money. Some materials aren't right for use in a bathroom, and won't be able to stand up to the heat and humidity for long.

Picking out the right blinds for the bathrooms in your home doesn't have to be a guessing game. Knowing what types of blinds work best and the qualities you should be looking for can make it easy.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect blinds for every bathroom in your home.

Think Privacy

You might choose blinds for other parts of your house to cut down on light or to help lower your energy costs. But the ultimate goal of your bathroom blinds is to provide privacy.

The last thing you want to do is to go for curtains alone or for blinds that are easy to see straight through. Too-thin of a screen blind can allow your neighbors to see more than you want, even when they're closed.

Besides providing privacy, blinds are a great way to increase insulation in your windows. If you have older windows or your bathroom is drafty, new blinds can be an inexpensive way to reduce your energy costs and keep your family more comfortable.

Avoid Materials That Are Affected By Humidity

Besides those that don't provide proper privacy, there are several other types of blinds that aren't a good choice for your bathroom.

Your bathroom blinds are going to be exposed to lots of water and humidity. The wrong kind of material will absorb the moisture and crack, wrinkle, or otherwise end up looking bad within days of putting it up.

For instance, real wood blinds may look great, but they will also absorb a lot of moisture. The moisture will then cause them to warp and expand until they no longer close correctly.

Other materials that aren't suitable for bathroom blinds are cotton, silk, and linen. While these may hold up longer than wood, they will eventually absorb too much moisture. This can cause mildew or attract water stains that will ruin the look of your blinds or curtains.

It's best to skip cloth curtains in your bathroom entirely. But if you do want to have curtains, polyester and PVC are the best fabric options. They absorb less moisture, which can keep them from developing mildew.

Alternatives to real woods blinds are faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

You can even opt for moisture resistant composite blinds that are even better equipped to stand up to everything your bathroom will throw their way. They are also often far more cost-effective versus other types of blinds, making them a great choice for anyone remodeling on a budget.

Consider the Location of Your Window

Where your window is located in your bathroom can affect what type of bathroom blinds are best for your space.

If your window is right next to your shower or sink, you can assume that a lot of water is going to get to them. In this case, you may want to choose a material that is completely waterproof.

If your window is away from sources of water in your bathroom, this is less important. If your bathroom is well ventilated, you may be able to get away with a less waterproof material for your blinds.

However, the humidity will still be present in the space and will get to your blinds even if they are far from your shower or sink. For this reason, its still best to avoid wood, cotton, and other materials that don't hold up well to moisture.

Choose a Style to Complement Your Bathroom's Style

With so many options for bathroom blinds out there, it's easy to choose some that will match your bathroom and your home's unique style.

Faux wood blinds can give your bathroom the same great look as real wood, but you'll never have to worry about warping or expanding.

You can choose from a variety of colors and grains to match your current bathroom. Or, choose your new bathroom blinds first and let that choice lead your bathroom remodel!

Aluminum and vinyl blinds are also available in a range of styles and colors and will hold up well to the humidity of your bathroom.

Go for Room Darkening

Your bathroom can be the perfect spot for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day.

But a normal set of blinds, even when closed, can let in light. If the area outside of your window never quite gets dark, or if you ever enjoy a bath during the day, this can very quickly kill your relaxation mood.

If a hot bubble bath, candles, and a glass of wine are your ideal way of relaxing, then room darkening blinds can be a great choice. These can help you turn day into night or block out pesky street lights so that you can enjoy a dark room whenever you want to relax in your tub.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Blinds

The right bathroom blinds will not only look great in your bathroom when they're first installed. They'll also stay looking great through years or humidity and splashes from your shower or sink.

Choose the right style, and they can help darken your room and set the mood for your next bath or provide increased security to protect you from nosy neighbors.

Now that you know what to look for in the perfect blinds for your bathroom, its time to start shopping. We can help.

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