Custom Window Treatment Highlight: Bamboo Shades

Ahh, Bamboo Shades. Even saying the name brings an instant vision of relaxation. There’s just something special about these shades that create a whole different atmosphere. That’s why Budget BlindsBothell is giving extra attention to this unique choice, because no matter where you live, even high in the Pacific Northwest, bamboo shades are always a great option.

What’s So Great About Bamboo Shades?  

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Bamboo shades have a look like no other shades out there. Because bamboo is naturally grown in warmer climates, it’s natural for the style to bring that same type of feel, even if you are living in Washington during the winter. They have an amazing way at creating texture in a room, adding a level of depth, an important element to create an overall appeal.

Bamboo shades complement everything from hardwood floors, to thick carpets or fiber rugs - styling both masculine or feminine. They seem to add a feeling of peace and tranquility, regardless of the surrounding aesthetics. Their color, texture, and presence naturally balance out the room, and in a way create a “home away from home” feel. Coming in a wide range of natural wood tones, with the lightest and the darkest options available, there is a color that goes with almost anything.

Easily Cleaned:

Possibly the easiest shades to clean, these eco friendly shades are made from 100% organic materials including bamboo, reeds, jutes and grasses, and offer an earthy look that can be integrated into a customized window treatment. Literally, a quick dusting, and they’re good to go. You may not even noticeably see the dust to begin with, especially if you open and close them every day.

Light Filtering:

Living anywhere in the Pacific Northwest - Kirkland, Bothell or Lake Forest is very important. Whether we are in summer or winter, we always have a different need depending on the direction of the sun against the window. Bamboo shades are a perfect option, gently filtering outside light to give your home a warm, natural glow. If you need a little more protection, adding a blackout liner will help the bamboo shades completely block out sunlight and help with energy efficiency.

Whether you’re creating a coastal feel,an asian inspired room, or a private getaway in your sunroom, you won’t go wrong with these earthy shades. Available in top-down/bottom-up options and can be motorized for added safety and convenience, there’s a perfect bamboo fit for every style.

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