10 Window Treatment Ideas and Trends for 2018

The right blinds, shades, and drapes can pull together any room. Read on for 10 window treatment ideas and trends you have to try in 2018.

With curtain prices ranging from free DIY solutions to $1,500 per window, there are window treatment solutions to fit every kind of budget.

The right kind of window treatment ideas can turn your house into a home and bring a lot of style to any room. Following trends can make the difference between a stale looking room and someplace where friends and family want to congregate.

One of the strangest trends in recent years is the number of young professionals moving to urban spaces and skipping window treatments altogether. Not only do their homes lack privacy but they can also appear unwelcoming and stale.

Rather than leave your windows looking naked and your home perpetually just-moved-into, take advantage of the latest in window treatment ideas and trends. Here are 10 of the hottest concepts in window dressings.

1. Au Natural

Plastic blinds, polyester curtains, and other synthetic materials aren't as popular as they were a decade ago. Because more people are choosing to go green in every aspect of their home life, eco-friendly window treatment ideas have never been cheaper to execute.

Bamboo, woven shades, and grass materials are now appearing in trendy magazines and trendy homes all over the world. They add a grounded earthiness to your home and can often have just as much elegance as fabrics and other standard curtains.

2. Go With a Pattern

Solid colors were in for a while, as more people took on the mid-century modern or minimalist look. As things have loosened up and more people are embracing warmer homes, patterns have replaced solids.

In a room with a minimal or modern design, pattern window treatments can be a surprising focal point. If you coordinate them with the furniture in your room, you could make your space more fun with one simple addition.

3. Let The Light In

You can have beautiful and high-quality treatments that still function to let light into your room. Sheer fabrics allow you to keep your artificial lights off while still adding privacy and style.

If you want to make the most of your natural light, think about bring pinks, blues, and greens to enhance the feeling of your room. Traditional whites and off-whites are nice but could leave you feeling a bit stale in some of your favorite rooms in the house.

4. Accessorize

If you want to get a more customized look, you don't have to use items as you find them on the rack. You can get a store-bought curtain and add custom trim, beads, buttons, or even shells depending on your personal style.

For people with the talent on a sewing machine, you could create something totally unique. You could even turn a store bought item into something a little more stylish with some simple pleats.

5. Layers Are Lovely

Layers find their way into fashion and home decor in relative cycles. Some people are using black-out shades beneath sheers. This creates a sense of depth in your room while also adding some functionality.

In places like bedrooms and bathrooms, where you have a need for constant privacy but love a little light, this could be the way to go.

6. Repurpose Something

For years, people have taken on the classic DIY trick of turning flat sheets and tablecloths into cool looking blinds.

This is one of those window treatment ideas that works if you're on a budget and you want to look stylish. Go the extra mile and stitch on some extra fabric or ribbon ties. A colorful fabric shower curtain could give your room a little new life.

7. Try Window Film

One of the simplest and low maintenance options for the last few decades of window decor has been vinyl film. They can help you hit that sweet spot of giving your privacy while letting the light in.

They come in clear, clouded, or multicolored varieties and can come printed with all sorts of different patterns.

Most of these films are relatively inexperienced. The only issues you'll find is that you need a very steady hand to apply them and they're one of the more permanent window treatment ideas.

8. DIY Patterns

If you have some solid colored curtains that you already love, why not add something special to them. You could add some trim, beading, pom-poms, some embroidery if you're feeling really ambitious.

If you've got the tools to screen print, you could print a pattern all over your curtains to reflect the direction you want to take your room in. If you're decorating your kids' room, let them go wild with some adhesive puff paints and decorate their own curtains as a family project.

9. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb, or cellular blinds, have recently fallen into fashion. They are extremely stylish but they also trap air to insulate your windows during the winter.

They can be made very high-end but they're often quite affordable. The simplicity of design and installation makes them a very accessible high-quality design.

10. Textures Are Big

Along with the organic materials mentioned at the top, there are a lot of ways to add some texture to your window dressing. Whether they're thick and embroidered or a sheer and lacy kind of style, one of the hottest trends in window treatment ideas are curtains you want to touch.

The same goes for blinds. Interesting materials attract the eyes and hands in equal measure.

The Hottest Window Treatment Ideas Warm Up Your Home

The point of having great window treatments in your home is to express the essential qualities of your design intentions. If you're interested in creating a warm and expressive domicile, there are lots of great options. If a high-end design is number one, there's a well-designed solution for just about every budget.

If you're interested in other ways you can dress up your windows, contact us for more tips.

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