Window Coverings for Cabins and Summer Houses

Cabins and summer houses bring you closer to the natural world while giving you a break from everyday stress. You often find much wood inside a cabin, providing a naturally cozy feel. But no place is complete without the right window treatments to offer privacy, light control, and style.

What kind of window treatments are perfect for your cabin?  

Cabins naturally have a rustic aesthetic that you can enhance with your window treatments. Every type of window treatment you can think of, from shades to shutters, can fit into cabin decor when it's the right color and material. Let's examine some of our favorite window treatment styles for cabins and summer homes. 

Natural shades    

Boost the charm in your cabin or summer house with shades made of natural materials. Woven wooden and bamboo shades are eco-friendly and let gentle, filtered light into your rooms. We can pair them with a room-darkening liner if you'd like more light control.

Woven wood shades are made from soft, natural materials and fold beautifully. They pair wonderfully in rooms with many wood accents, including wood floors, windowsills, and furniture. These shades are available in various natural colors that complement your interior decor. 

Play up the natural texture differences in your cabin by opting for bamboo shades. Our bamboo shades come from organic bamboo sourced from all over the world. Or add a fabric Roman shade for another beautiful textural element. If you're seeking extra convenience, motorize your bamboo or Roman shades so you can raise or lower them by pressing a button. bb-6-30-22-P.jpg

Wooden blinds    

Bring a bit of elegance into your cabin with wood blinds. We offer a wide array of paint and stain options to complement your existing interior decor, including a rustic natural wood finish. Wooden blinds are an excellent option for different levels of light control throughout the day, depending on how you tilt the slats. We offer different slat sizes, from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, and will mount them either inside or outside your window, depending on the depth and style of your windows. Cordless blinds are also available, safest for families with pets or small children.   

Curtains and drapes    

Long textured curtains or drapes will also add a cozy vibe to your summer home's living room. Stick to neutral colors like shades of beige and natural green to keep the design from being overpowering in your cabin decor. Go for a light-filtering curtain with cellular shades beneath. 

That keeps the fabric of the curtain billowy and light, while the shades give you total privacy and light control. Cellular shades are great because they stack tightly and are barely visible when raised. They also come in sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout styles.  

Interior shutters    

Match your window trim with custom interior shutters. We do color matching, so your wooden shutters will match the wood of your windowsills, floors, or furniture. Our interior shutters are available in many stock colors and finishes, or you can have them custom stained or painted. Try light wood or white shutters to brighten up cabin rooms that are a little too dark. We also offer several louver sizes, giving you total control over how much light you let in at a time.  bb-6-30-22-S.jpgInterior shutters offer insulation and energy efficiency, and they're available in composite crafted with materials that prevent them from warping. They'll fit your cabin windows beautifully for years. Consider a set of bi-fold shutters if you have large windows in your summer home. When you close the louvers, you get excellent privacy and light blocking, and when you're ready for panoramic views, open those shutters wide and let the sunshine through.    

Shutters are also a great rustic window treatment option for unique window shapes. We offer custom-built shutters that fit arched and angled windows or any custom shape. 

At Budget Blinds, we want to help you outfit your cabin with new window treatments. We offer free in-home or virtual consultations with our local design specialists. Contact us today to get started!    

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