Which is Right for You? Traditional, Transitional or Modern Window Treatments?

Window treatments come in varying shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and categories. Custom window treatments are custom designed to meet any style. However, the most common design styles are the traditional, transitional and modern window categories.Traditional Window Treatments

Traditional Window Treatments

Traditional window treatments include blinds and drapes, and often feature a rich and intricate design, making them suitable for French country, neoclassical, and classic design styles.


In many historical cultures, high-quality fabric and dyes were a sign of wealth. To this day, a customized drape with rich fabric is one of the most timeless ways to add prestige and elegance to any room.

For this reason, drapes are often the preferred choice for those looking for a traditional window treatment. A custom drape offers an impressive slew of benefits, including:

  • Privacy
  • Light control
  • Thermal insulation
  • Design flexibility

Custom drapes come in various materials to suit different purposes. Drapes using silk, linen, wool, and cotton are the most common. 

Drapes often feature colors with bold patterns, while blinds are neutral in natural colors.


Custom blinds are a canvas for style and creativity. Blinds are an excellent choice for those looking for a flexible and lightweight traditional window treatment.

Blinds use horizontal or vertical vanes or slats to filter light. The slats function by a cord system with cordless control, or they may be motorized to open and close automatically. Material choice is up to personal preference, with the most commonly used materials being:

  • Wood
  • Faux Wood
  • Composite

Blinds are customized to fit in with the design aspect of contemporary, coastal, traditional, mid-century modern, and many other design styles. 

Transitional window treatments

Transitional window treatments update an existing room's design, style, and aesthetic without committing to significant style changes. Shades are the perfect option for those in need of transitional window treatments, as their neutral style complements any decor.

Shades are perfect for controlling light impact, and when paired with the right window style, they can positively influence the ambiance of a room.

Woven shades

Woven wood shades are exotic, unique, and made from organic materials. Incorporating woven wood shades helps homeowners elevate their aesthetic. In addition, custom woven wood shades come in all design colors, making it easy to complement existing decor with a new bold aesthetic.

They are an excellent option for those wanting a transitional window treatment that is simple to operate and effectively filters light.

Solar shades

Solar shades optimize practicality and lighting efficiency, making them an excellent transitional window treatment for large windows. In addition, Solar shades block out glare and UV rays without preventing natural light from entering.

Incorporating solar shades helps homeowners reduce electricity costs and minimize UV intake. Solar shades also pair nicely with drapes to provide a more impactful design. 

Solar shades work great in all aesthetics, but they truly shine in houses with a lot of light. For this reason, solar shades are a common aspect of a farmhouse or coastal design. Solar shades are also an excellent way to filter the glare and brightness of east or west-facing rooms.

Modern window treatments

Modern window treatments are a popular choice for homeowners with a contemporary aesthetic. Modern style window treatments, generally a clean-lined product like dual sheer shades or cellular shades, feature a simple yet tasteful, minimalist design. 

Dual sheer shades

Dual sheer shades are a customized shade design. They are best suited for contemporary and mid-century modern design styles. Dual sheer shades are renowned for their effectiveness at blocking UV rays, filtering natural lighting, and providing modern style.

Those looking for a modern window treatment for their bedrooms should strongly consider dual sheer shades. They are lightweight and pair nicely with any sized window. In addition, Dual sheer shades are suitable for enhancing minimal bedroom decor and modern lighting.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades are the perfect choice for modern energy-efficient homes, offering a wide range of colors, cell sizes, and light control options.

Cellular shades


Cellular shades respond to changing lighting, helping homes control heat and sunlight while saving on energy costs. With the unique honeycomb designs, cellular shades also regulate heat loss and thermal intake throughout the year.

They are an excellent option for any modern-design style, as they create a beautiful look while providing optimal functionality. In addition, the material and texture of cellular window treatments often come in soft, neutral tones and are designed to match any home decor style.

All-purpose window treatments

Are you deciding between traditional, transitional, and modern window treatments? These window treatments look exceptional with any design style.

Roman shades

Roman shades are a timeless design characterized by beautiful fabric and flexible customization options, customized to fit any style, keeping your window treatment fresh and updated with changing decor styles.

Composite shutters

Composite shutters are another versatile window treatment choice for any decor style. Completely customizable, composite shutters control natural light and privacy with minimal effort.

Wood shutters

Wood shutters are premium window treatments that provide a wow factor to any room. Wood shutters are warm, natural design accents that help complete the look of many unique styles.

Find your dream window treatment at Budget Blinds

Window treatments provide distinctive design and give homeowners complete control over the influence of natural lighting in their space. With a range of options and styles, homeowners can pick a window treatment that complements their home’s aesthetic and increases curb appeal.

Decorating your home is about more than just adding a few items here and there; it’s about creating an experience for you and your family. A custom window treatment is a great way to create an experience while elevating the style and functionality of your home.

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