The Best Window Treatments for Spanish Colonial Homes

When you imagine a Spanish colonial house, you probably picture white stucco walls, a terracotta roof, arched windows, and beautiful foliage. Even if you don't live in a Spanish-style house, you can bring its elements into your home.Wood Shutters Dining Room Signature SeriesIt’s not hard to evoke that the Mediterranean feel with your windows. Just bring in deep, warm colors, wrought-iron window hardware, and brightly-colored drapes.

What is the Spanish colonial decorating style?

Spanish colonial architecture features stucco walls, exposed wood ceiling beams, and arched windows and doors. You'll also find beautifully-patterned tile and wood floors. Even if you don’t live in a Spanish colonial house, you can bring Spanish colonial decor into any interior.

Window treatments are a great way to bring Spanish colonial design elements into your home. A custom valance can create the illusion of an arched entryway window. Long drapes can bring terra cotta colors and Spanish patterns into your living room.

What colors are used in Spanish colonial decor?

Color is an important part of this design scheme. Think Mediterranean: terracotta is a staple, with blues and greens as accents and neutral hues in the background. Unique textures are everywhere, including pottery, glazed tiles, wrought iron, and plants. Colorful rugs with Spanish patterns serve as wonderful accent pieces.

Spanish colonial window treatment ideas

Curtains and drapes

Look for colors that remind you of a Spanish tile roof. A set of terracotta or rust-colored drapes paired with white or off-white walls will evoke the feeling of Spanish colonial decor.

Blue or green drapes on your windows inspire a coastal feel and look beautiful in rooms with lots of natural light. Many designers recommend cool colors in bedrooms, so consider blue drapes with a gentle Spanish pattern there. Line them with room-darkening or blackout liners to ensure that no light disturbs you while you sleep.

Bright colors can be overwhelming in rooms with a lot of wall color and accent furniture. Instead, use floor-to-ceiling panel drapes in light neutrals like white or cream. Consider lining them with energy-saving fabric to provide insulation and temperature control.

Rooms with wide windows and black window frames look beautiful with sheer or light-filtering curtains. Their wafting movement recalls the Mediterranean breeze. They complement the heavy wooden furniture pieces often found in Spanish colonial decor. 

For more light control and privacy, pair your light curtains with an understated set of cellular shades or blinds.

Drapery hardware

Some of the most beautiful Spanish colonial homes have wrought-iron chandeliers with ornate filigree. Installing drapery hardware over your windows can create a similar effect.

Simple iron hardware will add a subtle flourish to patterned or brightly-colored curtains. If your curtains are a neutral color like cream or white, a more ornate filigree finial will stand out.

Shade and blinds

Shades and blinds aren't traditionally part of Spanish colonial design. However, they can be custom-fit to your window so they don’t detract from other window treatments.

Shades and blinds can be motorized for convenience. They can also be automated to automatically change position based on the time of day. Who says designs inspired by the past can't come with modern benefits?

Interior shutters

Interior shutters are less common in Spanish colonial decor, but they can add a modern flair to your rooms while still fitting the style. Natural wood shutters bring out the warm, rich terracotta hues, and can provide the exposed wood look if your ceiling beams aren’t visible.Plantation Shutters Bedroom NormanShutters add elegance to your windows and emphasize their size and shape. They also let in natural light and airflow when thrown open. They're a great fit for the arched window homes because they can be custom-fit to the window frame.

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