The Best Window Treatments for Bungalows

A bungalow is a one or one-and-a-half-story house with a front porch. It is generally small and often has dormer windows and a porch. Its design combines simplicity and artistry to create a beautiful rustic home. 

The bungalow originated in India in the form of the bangala, a small, quickly-built structure used as informal housing for visiting travelers. The concept was adopted by the English, who incorporated other features like open floor plans and verandas.

Distinguishing features common to bungalows include:

  • Open floor plans
  • Symmetrical designs
  • Numerous windows
  • Sizable front porches, often with eaves


What are the Advantages of Living in a Bungalow?

Despite their small size, bungalows offer their fair share of benefits:

  • They are easy to clean.
  • Their single-floor design is ideal for people with mobility limitations.
  • Their open floor plans provide a spacious feel.      

What are the Best Bungalow Window Treatments?

One of the biggest selling points of bungalows is their open floor plan. They are defined by high ceilings and tall windows, which create an airy space while with lots of natural light. The best window treatments for a bungalow let in lots of sunlight and accent its elegant beauty.

To allow in as much sunlight as possible, make sure to avoid heavy drapes. Instead, consider using sheer curtains or blinds, or try these other creative solutions.

Cellular Window Shades

Cellular shades are a contemporary window treatment made from multiple honeycomb-shaped cells stacked vertically. Not only does their translucent material let in a great deal of light, but they also insulate a room, making it more energy-efficient. Their top-down/bottom-up pull mechanism lets you control light as you see fit.

With professional help, cellular shades can be customized. For instance, by combining a pleated shade fabric on top with cellular material at the bottom, you can let in even more natural light while maintaining your privacy. Cellular shades can also be custom-fitted to match arched windows or skylights.

Interior Wood Shutters

Wood shutters will let you incorporate rich earth tones into your bungalow’s rustic aesthetic. Their louvers are intuitively designed to let in precise amounts of light without sacrificing your privacy.

Wood shutters are available in different stains and finishes, but can also be painted in different colors or shaped to fit your unique window design. Shutters are easy to operate and have no cords, which makes them naturally child-safe.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds offer a more modern twist to lighting control. As the name suggests, these blinds feature motors that automatically open and close your blinds at the press of a button.

The Lutron smart home system can be programmed to automatically close motorized blinds when temperatures rise, reducing heat and lowering energy bills

How to Layer Bungalow Window Treatments

Layering combines two complementary treatments on the same window. Curtains, blinds, panels, and shades can be mixed and matched for better insulation and unique visual appeal. 

Layered window treatments can be the finishing touch that pulls a room together, but they can be complicated to design. Not only do you need to understand what components will work together aesthetically, you also need to account for the physical limitations of the space.

When trying to layer window treatments, remember to maintain functionality. If you are hanging solid-panel window treatments like shades or blinds and sheer curtains on the same window, you may need to use custom double rods. For smaller spaces, you can create an illusion of a higher ceiling by having curtain rods installed further up above the top of the window.

Many take the guesswork out of the process through the help of a design professional who primarily works with window treatments. With the assistance of an expert like Budget Blinds, your windows will receive perfect combinations that can accent your room’s decor.

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Cellular Shades Living Room Enlightened Style

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