The Best Window Treatment for Bow Windows

Whether you've just purchased a home with bow windows, upgraded to bow windows in your current home, or have always had bow windows, it is essential to know how to dress them. Bow Windows pictureYou don't have to feel that options are limited because your windows are unique. You can dress your bow windows with window treatments such as Roman shades, shutters, and drapes. There are window treatment options for every budget, providing you with privacy or the pop of color desired for your bow windows.

Bow windows explained

Bow and bay windows are often confused, so first, let's look at bay windows versus bow windows to explain the difference. A bay window is a three-section window, typically with a picture window in the center and two smaller, matching windows on the sides. 

A bow window is a four to five-section window, where each section is usually a casement window, all the same size. Both options provide excellent lighting, more space, and a better view. They also increase the overall value of your home.

Because of their unique shape, bow and bay windows require professional installation of window treatments to provide you with both beauty and function. You can schedule a free in-home consultation with Budget Blinds to go over your options and the installation process.

Let's talk shades

A variety of window shade options would dress up a bow window with ease. Each casement window usually has its own shade, but this allows you to control the amount of light that comes in. 

You can easily adjust shades for better light control; leave some shades up and some down or put them all up or down. Woven shades come in natural fibers, including flax, jute, and bamboo. Or you can choose custom roller shades in a wide selection of colors and prints.

Roman shades

The classic appearance of Roman shades dates back to the Roman-era Coliseum awnings with beautifully folded fabrics. Budget Blinds offers cordless Roman shades as a safe choice for homes with pets or small children. 

You can motorize your Roman shades to change the lighting with a touch of a button. Roman shades can be lined for room-darkening or light-filtering features. Choose from Flat Fold, Plain Fold, Balloon, or Soft Fold, also known as Hobbled. Depending on the depth of your windows, they can also be mounted either inside or outside your window frame to provide an optimized view or a tailored look.

Cellular shades

If you want to improve insulation and regulate temperature, the composition and structure of cellular shades are unparalleled. Air is trapped in the cells of the honeycomb cellular design, protecting your home from both hot and cold temperatures. 

You'll also enjoy an excellent layer of privacy. Budget Blinds offers four lighting control options, from sheer to blackout. Cellular shades are another cordless option for homes with pets and small children and are available in various fabrics. They also can be motorized to open and shut via remote control or wireless wall switch.

Shutters for bow windows 

Shutters are another way to provide lighting options and privacy to your bow window. As with shades, Budget Blinds offers a wide selection of shutters to fit the style and design of your home. Choose from wood, composite, and plantation shutters for your bow window.

Wood shutters

Wood shutters offer a timeless elegance to your home and are available in various finishes and stains that can be color-matched to your home. They can be custom-made to fit any size and shape of windows, including bow windows. Budget Blinds offers wood shutters in louver sizes of 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4.5 inches to customize the look of your home.

Let's look at drapes.

Drapes are yet another option for bow window treatments that can be combined with either shades or shutters for a unique, layered look. Drapes add a pop of color or a piece of your personality to the room, drawing attention to the beauty of your bow window. Bow windows will require a curved drapery rod and the guidance of an expert like your local Budget Blinds design consultant.

Drapery panels

A versatile and durable option for your bow window is drapery panels available from Budget Blinds in different lengths, fabrics, and styles. You can add a liner to enhance room darkening for better light control. Thanks to their insulating properties, panels also provide your home with energy cost savings.

Window valances

If you don't want to cover the entire window with drapery, or you plan to pair drapes with shades or shutters on your bow window, a window valance is a perfect option. Valances are available in a collection of patterns, fabrics, and colors to match your decor. Bow Shutters pictureValances can be mounted on boards for added stability and durability. You can get a soft side, gathered or pleated valance, and other popular designer styles. Consult with your interior designer from Budget Blinds to decide which type works best with your bow window.

When you're ready to dress your bow window, reach out to Budget Blinds. Your local design expert will provide you with a free in-home consultation to determine the best way to draw attention to your bow window.

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