Soothing Neutral or Bold Charismatic: 2023 Colors of the Year Offer Contrast

It’s that time when paint brands announce their prediction for the next Color of the Year. Last year a gray green was the color selected by both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. This year there is no similarity! The colors and messaging behind their selection are polar opposites! Sherwin Williams selected Redend Point, a soulful yet subtle neutral that appeals to the minimalist design aesthetic. On the other hand, Benjamin More chose a bold, bright, charismatic “look at me” color in Raspberry Blush, appealing to a maximalist style and those not afraid to use color.

Sherwin Williams Chooses Subtle and Soothing Color for 2023

"Redend Point was inspired by the idea of finding beauty beyond ourselves. It is a heartening hue that invites compassion and connection into any space," said Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "The color is a natural choice for those looking for a warm and joyful neutral in both interiors and exteriors. "We wanted the 2023 Color of the Year to reflect what we've seen in terms of neutrals warming up," says Wadden. “Homeowners are opting for warmer whites, beiges, pinks, and browns.”SW Redend Point COTY Moodboard.jpg

How to use Redend Point in your home?

Wadden suggests, "Build on its earthiness by utilizing the hue alongside natural-looking textiles and wood accents—or create a desert oasis by layering shades of terra-cotta and clay materials.”

This design style lends itself to the Modern California boho style. Minimalist in design and filled with texture and natural accents like pottery, terracotta tiles, and natural wood beams, minimalist homeowners love its warm natural, earthy style. Our Budget Blinds Inspired Shades Collection features woven shades with refined textures and natural fibers that perfectly complement Resend Point. Add white or natural linen sheer drapery panels to complete the look.

In Contrast, Benjamin Moore Says Skip the Neutrals and Go Bold!

Unlike the subtle choice by Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore's pick for the 2023’s Color of the Year is a vibrant orangey red called Raspberry Blush. The saturated shade energizes a room for a bright, charismatic look that's anything but subtle!

After years of neutrals and grays, “People are ready to bring color back into the home, taking a step outside their color comfort zones,” said Andrea Magno, Color Marketing and Development Director at Benjamin Moore. “Raspberry Blush empowers the use of statement colors that deliver delight and personality while transforming rooms for incredible results."

Raspberry Blush BM Color of the Year 2023.jpg

How to Use Raspberry Blush for A Pop of Color

For the maximalist, envelope a room in Raspberry Blush from the walls to the trim and the ceiling to wrap a room in an optimistic boldness. Is Raspberry Blush too bold of an option for you? Make a smaller impact statement on a kitchen island or add a pop of Raspberry Blush in pillows or accent decor. Soft shades of gray, white, and beige balance the bright hue. So, if your walls are alabaster white or a shade of gray, Raspberry Blush will add a sense of “joie de vivre” (exuberant enjoyment of life) to your home.

Or mix it with colors from the rest of Benjamin Moore’s 2023 palette, which includes a range of saturated tones varying from a deep blue to a sultry green to more rich chocolate and cinnamon hues. For Magno, all of these share one unifying commonality: “They’re all happy. And we all need a bit of that right now.”

Personalized Design for Your Style and Personality

At Budget Blinds, we couldn’t agree more. Your home is a place to express your personality and feature the colors and décor you love. It should be your happy place! That is why we offer a range of products. From soothing neutrals and minimalist modern roller shades to rich fabrics in bold colors for drapes. Or opt for Roman shades and roller shades in fun geometric prints.

We have you covered, no matter your favorite color or design style. We offer customized designs to reflect your personality and decor style. Plus, did you know we can create a one-of-a-kind custom fabric to match any color? Yes, we can! Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with your local Budget Blinds today to learn more.

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