Perfect Window Treatments for Cape Cod Homes

Your traditional Cape Cod home opens the door to several window treatment options. They are an integral part of your home as they can create cozy, inviting environments while integrating with the traditional Cape Cod aesthetics while adding light control and privacy. One thing to consider right at the beginning is the design style. Are you looking for more conventional types of window treatments that fit with the classic nature of Cape Cod homes, or are you considering an updated, more modern approach? 

Thinking about this as you move into a new home or even replace old window treatments in different rooms can be overwhelming. This can make it harder to pick treatments that complement your house's current design. But, with the help of a window covering professional, it can be fun and the results rewarding.

What is Cape Cod's house style, and why is it so popular?

A Cape Cod is a single-family home that traces its origins to New England in the 17th century. The term Cape Cod originates from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where they were first built when early American settlers arrived on the shores of the US. The architectural design was based on the British houses settlers were familiar with.

A Cape Cod house features a steeply pitched gable roof and may have one or two stories with large single or double-hung windows. It has a central front door flanked by windows on either side and a chimney in the middle of the house.

Cape Cod homes became popular in the United States in the 1950s due to their simple and intuitive layout, making them affordable and practical. Today, you can find these houses in rural and urban areas, although they are much more common along the coastline of New England.

What should you consider when choosing window treatments for Cape Cod Style houses?

Window treatments for Cape Cod homes need to work with the architectural style and the size of windows in these homes. This can complicate finding store-bought options that work with your window size, which makes custom-sized window treatments all the more necessary. With this in mind, here are a few factors that you need to consider:

First is the style of the house, which can have an impact on what type of window coverings work best for you. Choose window treatments that match your style, whether it's modern, traditional, or transitional. 

For example, if your style is more modern, you may want to choose something like a roller shade or cellular shades. 

If your house has old single-hung windows and leaded glass, you may want to look into something that will give you more privacy, such as curtains or shutters.

Window treatments that work best in Cape Cod homes

There are different options for window treatments for Cape Cod homes. You can choose from curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, or drapes. Depending on your preferences, you may also want to consider combining these styles for your home's windows. 

Cape Cod house styles come with three types of windows: single-hung, double-hung, and casement windows. Here are some of the window treatments that would work best: 


Shutters enhance the entire look of your living room by bringing some character into your living room and complementing the styles and colors youre already using. 

Given the large windows in Cape Cod houses, you may want to control the amount of sunlight entering different rooms and reduce the amount of heat or cold entering a room. Shutters work perfectly for this due to their insulating properties. 

For your living room, bedroom, and playroom, shutters for your windows will also help protect your furniture from direct sunlight and provide privacy from curious passers-by. Plus, they are naturally cordless, making them child and pet safe.

Curtains and sheers

Curtains and sheers come in different styles and colors, making it easier to choose one that gives your living room on-trend style from floor to ceiling and your kitchen its look with stylish cafe curtains.  

Sheers also provide a small level of privacy while letting light in during the day, and you can also layer them with lined drapes to block out light and ensure complete privacy. Layering adds elegance to the room by using colors that blend nicely to complement your décor.


Custom drapes will be the perfect choice if you’re looking to give a room a formal and luxurious look as they have a nice lining and a more opaque fabric than sheer curtains. The addition of the lining blocks light, protecting the drapery fabric from fading and ensuring complete privacy. The range of drapery styles allows for a traditional, modern, or transitional


Shades come in different patterns and colors to complement your interior décor while helping you filter or block out light and even improve privacy. The range of shade styles includes the clean-lined modern roller shade, the insulating cellular shade, the softness of a Roman shade, the texture of a bamboo shade, and the UV-blocking view providing solar shade. So many choices in style and function!

You can even add some convenience to your life by motorizing shades on windows that are hard to reach and integrating them with the smart home system that allows you to control your shades remotely. bb-7-15-22-P.jpg

Give your Cape Cod house style an updated look 

Whether you’re replacing old window treatments or just moving into a new Cape Cod home, choosing window treatments that match your preferences and align with the design of your home is key to achieving the perfect style and functionality. 

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