The Best Window Treatments for Double-Hung Windows

Have you recently moved into a house with double-hung windows and wondered which window treatments would work best for double-hung windows? Or maybe you visited a friend’s place and marveled at their stylish, functional window treatments, and wondered how you could replicate the look in your own space.

Choosing the best window treatment for double-hung windows can seem daunting — which colors work best? What about functionality? How does the installation work? Read on for tips on how you can decide on the perfect window treatments for your home’s decor.

The right window treatment may also help you reduce energy costs, as well as let you choose how much light gets into your house.

Double-Hung Windows

The Difference Between Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung and single-hung windows are similar in that they both have two sashes or frames. This is the part of the window that holds the glass and keeps the entire window together.

On single-hung windows, only the lower pane opens, while the upper sash stays in place. In order to open a single-hung window, you must move the lower sash vertically. This partially obstructs the upper panel, which can make cleaning the window a bit tricky.

On the other hand, double-hung windows allow you to open both sashes. This enables you to control the amount of air coming through the window. Double-hung windows can also save you money on energy costs, as they can more effectively prevent drafts and heat loss from the home. Additionally, the sashes on double-hung windows can tilt, making cleaning a breeze.

While the initial cost of installing double-hung windows can be higher than the single-hung option, double-hung windows can be a more economical choice in the long run, as you save money on energy costs — which can make up for what you pay in the initial investment.

What to Think About When Considering Window Treatments

  • Size: Before thinking about treatments, you need to know the exact measurements of your windows. Professional measurements are recommended to ensure the resulting design is correctly placed and fits your window. Windows come in many different shapes and sizes, which is why custom measurements are a must.
  • Functionality: Window treatments add interest, color, and style to a room — but they also play a functional role. Your window treatments need to block light (or let it in), reduce heat loss, and provide privacy.
  • Decor: Window treatments should complement and blend seamlessly with your home’s decor and color scheme.
  • Budget: Window treatments come in a range of prices, so it’s important to identify your budget before considering all the options for window treatments.

Best Hard Window-Treatment Options for Double-Hung Windows

Hard window treatments are made of hard materials, such as:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Bamboo

Blinds For Double-Hung Windows

Window blinds can be a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your space. The standard design of blinds makes them good for those desiring a flexible option, as you can open or close them depending on the role they play — and the time of day.

Blinds for double-hung windows help limit the amount of light and heat in your space. As an added bonus, blinds block dust from blowing into your home and help you save money on energy costs during summer and winter.

Composite blinds are great for double-hung windows in high humidity areas. Composite blinds are great for use in the kitchen and on bathroom windows, where they might frequently get splashed with water.

Wood blinds are a beautiful, timeless choice for just about any room in your home. You can easily customize this type of blinds for double-hung windows to blend in with your home's decor and color scheme.

You could consider aluminum blinds if you’re looking for versatile blinds on a budget. Aluminum blinds are light and easy to maintain.

Vinyl blinds are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, as they are water-resistant. Vinyl blinds are also durable and can be used on windows that get direct sunlight for much of the day.

Motorized blinds can come in handy for spaces where the windows are hard to reach. These blinds are also a great choice for double-hung windows if you have pets or children to whom blinds with cords may prove hazardous.

Shutters for Double-Hung Windows

Cafe shutters are ideal if you are looking for privacy but still want to be able to enjoy the view outside. Cafe shutters cover your windows halfway and can be placed on the interior or exterior of your home.

One classic choice is traditional Plantation shutters, which give your space privacy while letting in natural air. Plantation shutters also insulate your home during winter, which can reduce your energy costs.

Composite shutters are relatively affordable when compared with other options like wood. Composite shutters work well for kitchen, laundry, and bathroom windows. They’re also great for insulation and can help you keep heating and cooling costs in check.

Wood shutters give you lots of flexibility and give your home a traditional, time-tested look. Wood shutters are easy to customize and are ideal for most spaces in your house.

Soft Window Treatments for Double-Hung Windows

Soft window treatments are made from soft materials, like fabric. Soft window treatments do double duty, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space while helping reduce noise and providing insulation to the window.

Treatments for Double-Hung Windows

Drapes and Curtains for Double-Hung Windows

Drapes can be made from a wide range of fabrics — heavy, light, or just about anything in between. Drapes block light, provide privacy, and help prevent heat from escaping through the window. You can choose a heavier, blackout fabric to prevent the morning light from creeping in, or a lighter option to keep things fresh. If you are looking for a soft treatment for your bedroom window, draperies are a great choice.

Curtains are a classic choice for aesthetic enhancement in your space. Curtains are made of fabric that can range from transparent to opaque. Curtains with a blackout lining help block out light, and curtains of any kind elevate your space, providing a point of interest in the room and drawing the eye to the window.

Shades for Double-Hung Windows

Shades are made of fabric that is attached to a frame, which folds or unfolds as the shade is raised or lowered to adjust light levels. When choosing shades, you should consider the space you intend to cover. The material for bedroom shades, for example, can come with an added liner to block as much light as possible and provide maximum privacy. On the other hand, shades for living rooms can be lighter to allow more light to pass through. 

For the Best Double-Hung Window Treatment Options, Consult With Professionals

There is a wide variety of window treatments for double-hung windows. A professional window-treatment provider can help you find a customized solution for double-hung windows that suits your taste and budget. In addition to developing customized solutions, a professional window-treatment provider has a wide array of products to choose from.

If you're looking for double-hung window treatment options and would like to work with a professional, Budget Blinds offers free consultations, giving you the opportunity to get trusted advice from our Design Consultants. Book your complimentary appointment today to receive a customized window-treatment solution for your double-hung windows.

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