How to Use Window Coverings to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Many homeowners primarily focus on their home’s interior, fussing over the décor as they strive to select the right color theme and pick curtains, drapes or blinds that complement other furnishings. And isn’t that only natural since most of us spend a great deal of time indoors? But while we’re obsessing over the interior style, it’s important to not overlook the exterior. Thoughtfully planned curb appeal sets your home apart on a street of similar houses, reflecting your sense of style and, most importantly, a visually appealing, great first impression.

Aluminum Shutters on Patio

Curb appeal doesn’t solely depend on having a gorgeous landscape. There are multiple other factors that influence the whole picture, like the exterior color theme, front door style, draperies covering the French door in the living room, and interior window treatments. Yes, your window treatments are visible from the outside and can make a world of difference in your overall curb appeal.

If you’re planning to sell your house soon, having attractive curb appeal is crucial. It can directly influence the number of prospective buyers, and even realtors use it as a selling point when closing a deal. One of the simplest ways to enhance your curb appeal is by installing window treatments that look good from every angle.

When indoors, the window dressings in separate rooms may be unrelated to each other but on the outside, they integrate to create an overall impact. In many cases, the individual interior elements and colors create the right effect but can present a not-so-pretty picture when viewed from the outside. There’s no quicker way to spoil curb appeal than to have haphazardly chosen window coverings across multiple windows. That doesn’t mean you need to install the same window treatment in each window, unless that’s your style. There are countless other ways to achieve a great effect.

To help you achieve aesthetically pleasing curb appeal, Budget Blinds has compiled a guide to choosing window coverings in a way that can boost its appeal. 

How to Create Curb Appeal with Window Coverings

Is it more visually appealing to match window treatments or contrast them? What window treatments are suitable for a classic home style? What if you install draperies in all windows for a uniform look on the outside? Do you have to compromise on the interior look to achieve a stunning effect on the outside? We answer these and other frequently asked questions about enhancing curb appeal with window covering solutions. Let’s get started on achieving the right curb appeal with some of these valuable tips for choosing window dressings that look great on the outside too.

1.  Go White or Neutral for a Touch of Elegance

A safe and efficient way to enhance curb appeal is by opting for neutral or white window dressings for all windows. If you want, you may opt for Budget Blinds’ white Cellular Shades or Vinyl Blinds for all your windows. But if that’s too simplistic for your taste, there are other options. Budget Blinds has a range of window coverings in soft pastels or neutral shades. Depending on the color theme of your interiors, you may pick a color that is well-suited to the interior and looks great when viewed from the outside too.

2.  Pick Bold Colors for a Contemporary Home Style

If you would like to add a dash of color to your home’s exterior, opting for window treatments in bold colors will instantly elevate the curb appeal. This is especially great for brightening homes with white or gray exteriors or for adding a stunning effect to a contemporary style house. Consider opting for Budget Blinds’ Aluminum Blinds or Composite Shutters that come in a wide range of bold and vibrant colors. Consider how the style and color would impact both the interior and exterior looks.

3.  Go with Wood to Complement Homes with Classic Architecture

Faux Wood Blinds and Drapery Panels in Living Room

For homes with a classic style of architecture, it’s best to pick Budget Blinds real Wood Blinds or Shutters. These come in a range of wood stains, colors, and finishes to enable you to easily find one that complements the architecture and overall home décor. If you have other wood elements in your front or back yard in hardscape design or architectural enhancements, you may consider coordinating the window treatments with these features. 

Plantation Shutters are great for achieving a traditional, rustic look while adding character and depth to any space, interior or exterior. Café Shutters are a great alternative if you want to add distinctive style and functionality. If you live in a place that experiences high humidity, Faux Wood Blinds are a  good choice since they look like real wood while having the ability to withstand moisture. Or if you’re looking for natural and eco-friendly window dressings, consider installing Budget Blinds’ Bamboo Shades or Woven Wood Shades.

4.  Go for Matching Window Treatments

Fabric Blinds in Kitchen

 Matching or identical window treatments in every room is one of the safest and most effective ways to achieve a clean look on the outside. Imagine how neat your exterior will look if you install the same window covering, for instance, Composite Shutters or Vinyl Blinds in one color throughout your home. Just be sure to select a window treatment that coordinates well with your home’s exterior features, architecture, and interior décor.

Matching window treatments present a uniform and neat appearance that’s hard to beat. Budget Blinds’ window treatments are custom-fit for windows with unique shapes and sizes too, so fitting all your windows with the same treatment won’t be a problem at all. An alternative for homes with two or more floors is to opt for one type of treatment for each floor.

5.  Choose Window Dressings that Complement the Front Door

If you have an especially striking front door that draws attention, consider window coverings that match or complement the door style or color. For instance, if you have a black front door, consider opting for Budget Blinds Vinyl blinds or Composite Shutters in black or white, or create a dramatic impact with a bright contrasting color for the window treatments.

For a stained, natural wood door, Budget Blinds’ Wood Shutters or Blinds can be custom stained to match. Budget Blinds’ Decorative Grilles can add artistic panache to door transoms and windows to further enhance curb appeal.

6.  Opt for a Base Window Treatment for Uniformity

If you think  one style of window covering is great for the exterior space but too boring for the interior décor, consider using a base window treatment and pair it up with drapes or valances on the inside. It will give a uniform look on the outside while giving you the freedom to experiment with different patterns and colors in the interior space. An additional layer on your windows will not only provide enhanced security and insulation but also offer added light and privacy control.

What options make for good base treatments? All of Budget Blinds’ shades like Cellular, Roller, Solar, Sheer, or Motorized Shades are great options. Sheer Shades are an elegant choice for enhancing curb appeal while Roller Shades provide a sleek, contemporary look. Alternatively, you can consider Budget Blinds’ shutters or window blinds as these pair beautifully with drapery panels or curtains to meet the need for more artistic interior design.

If you don’t like the idea of two window treatments, consider Budget Blinds’ draperies that can be customized with a white lining. It will offer a neat, uniform look on the outside while allowing you to experience different patterns, bold colors, and styles on the inside, helping you better coordinate window dressings with individual room décor. 

7.  Customize for a Perfect Finishing Touch

For window dressings to enhance your unique home exterior and style, consider custom window coverings from Budget Blinds. Our window treatments can be customized to suit your home’s interior and exterior features. Budget Blinds offers our exclusive PureVu Collection, comprised of custom and innovative window coverings designed exclusively for you. Whether you’re looking to elevate a given room or upgrade your curb appeal, we have just the right window covering solutions for you,  including designer window treatments from our Inspired Collection or Signature Series that you won’t find anywhere else.

8.  Replace Old and Shabby Window Dressings

You may have a grand front entrance, newly painted exterior, attractive new fence, and a stunning landscape but if your window treatments are old and shabby, they can diminish the effect created by all these exterior enhancements. It’s a good idea to make sure your window treatments are clean and in good shape, measuring up to the rest of the exterior.

If, however, your window coverings are beyond the cleaning stage, replacing them with new window coverings will not only look great, but they will probably be easier to operate than their older counterparts. Plus, many new window dressings are constructed from modern and technologically advanced materials that are more durable and offer better insulation and light control.

We hope these tips on selecting the right window coverings help you enhance your curb appeal. If you would like professional guidance on choosing window dressings that elevate curb appeal as well as your indoor space, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with one of our local Style Consultants. They are skilled at evaluating your window treatment needs and fitting you with exactly what you want. We take special pride in the superior quality of all our window covering solutions as well as our professional installation. Precise measurements mean all your window coverings will exactly fit your windows and present a neat and sleek appearance, positively boosting your home’s curb appeal. 

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