How to Choose Floor-To-Ceiling Window Coverings

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide many benefits, from panoramic views to ample natural light. You can find floor-to-ceiling windows in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and even home offices. 

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It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of daylight with these expansive, attractive features in your home. However, if you prefer to have some privacy with your floor-to-ceiling windows, you may want to consider dressing them with these window treatment ideas. You can choose from shades, shutters, and drapes to add elegance, style, and privacy to your floor-to-ceiling windows.

Get the right fit

Windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling present unique issues for window treatments. You need to ensure that any window treatment covers the entire glass area for privacy and light control. 

The best way to guarantee that your floor-to-ceiling windows have the proper treatment with the correct fit is to have a professional measure and install them. Drapes that are too wide can be a nuisance, too bulky, and don't look right, while drapes that are too small will leave light gaps and appear skimpy.

Budget Blinds can help you with window treatments from start to finish. Budget Blinds has window treatment ideas for everyone's style and budget with a large selection of shades, shutters, and drapes. Plus, we professionally measure and install the window treatments to provide you with the best fit.

Floor-to-ceiling window treatments

There are many stylish options for floor-to-ceiling windows out there, but here are a few favorites:


Shades provide privacy when you want it and the beauty of natural light when you want that. Budget Blinds offers several styles of shades that can complement a floor-to-ceiling window beautifully.

Roller shades are available in various weaves and fabrics with different levels of opacity and textures to fit any room in your house. Cassette styles include square, rounded, metal, or fabric wrapped. In addition, you can choose from over 100 shade fabrics at Budget Blinds with openness ranging from 1% to 25% and opacities from sheer and translucent to room-darkening and blackout.

Cellular shades might be more your style because you're looking to save money on energy costs. The unique honeycomb shape of cellular blinds naturally lends itself to keeping rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, their top-down/bottom-up feature allows for privacy and light control.

Woven shades are available from Budget Blinds to create an attractive privacy solution for floor-to-ceiling windows. They allow you to customize how the natural light falls into your living space. Woven shades are made from organic materials and have a textural look. They’re also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. 

Bring a natural look to your room with bamboo shades made from 100% eco-friendly, organic materials. Bamboo and woven shades are perfect for rooms that require soft, filtered light. At the same time, linings can add additional layers of privacy and light control.


Make a statement with drapes on your floor-to-ceiling window. Drapes are ordered in custom sizes to fit any window. Custom drapes add privacy, light control, and softness to large floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Drapes and panels also help keep the heat out in the summer and warm air in during the cold winter months. You can add blackout window treatments for room-darkening, particularly useful in bedrooms and family rooms with a television. 

You can find drapes and panels in many styles, including pinch-pleated panels or the modern-wave drape, allowing you to customize the design in any room.

Even if you choose to go with shades or shutters for privacy, you may want to consider adding drape panels to add a pop of color to match the style of the room. Drapes and panels can be very versatile floor-to-ceiling treatments that can change the entire mood of a room.

Improve functionality

Regardless of the window treatment choice, automation is helpful for floor-to-ceiling windows. Motorized window treatments allow you to open and close them with a wireless wall switch or remote control. They also can be automated to open and close at specific times of the day. This automation can help save you money on energy costs, as well as make opening and closing such large openings much more convenient.

Many window treatment options also come in cordless versions, making them safer around pets and child-friendly. And, of course, shutters are always cordless and safe around children and pets; plus, they offer privacy and can include split panels divided so that the bottom stays closed for privacy while the top panel’s louvers are tilted to let in light. Shutter louvers can be motorized to open and close, which may be essential on large floor-to-ceiling windows for functionality.

Floor to Ceiling Drapes

When you're ready to update your floor-to-ceiling windows, contact the team at Budget Blinds. A local Budget Blinds design expert will come to your home for a free consultation to discuss your needs, measure your windows, show you samples, offer solutions, and estimate the cost. Budget Blinds has you covered with options that fit any room and window size, from average-size standard to large floor-to-ceiling windows. To find your local Budget Blinds, visit our website at

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