Home Décor Trends: 10 Window Blinds to Inspire You in 2019

We're already a quarter of the way into 2019 and with spring in full swing, we're starting to see a surge in this year's latest home décor trends.

Every year brings innovative, new ideas as well as fresh takes on tried-and-true styles to suit every home. Homeowners should pay special attention to this year's stunning window décor trends, especially if they're overdue for new window treatments. Investing in custom window blinds is more affordable than you think and can instantly transform your home's interior.

Let's take a look at 10 2019 home décor trends that focus on custom window blinds and other window treatments.

Textured Curtains and Drapes Add Some Vintage Charm to Any Home

Textured Curtains and Drapes

Crisp curtains and drapes certainly look elegant and polished, but textured curtains have a certain vintage charm that's hard to beat. The light, airy texture like in the curtains above adds softness to a room. The sheerness allows in plenty of natural light while still adding privacy. Textured curtains look stunning in opaque shades and any color.

At Budget Blinds, custom curtain panels come in a wide range of colors, prints, and textures so you can achieve exactly the look you want from sheer to opaque textures.

A Unique Approach to Classic Wood Blinds in a Contemporary Kitchen

Classic Wood Blinds

This contemporary kitchen looks picture-perfect with its custom window blinds in a natural wood tone. Wood window blinds have a classic style to them, and the three individual sections covering the one large window give ultimate control over light and privacy. Consider how versatile wood window blinds can be and how you can get creative with the installation to add you own special design twist.

We offer a beautiful selection of wooden custom window blinds to match every home. You'll be able to choose from paints or stains in a whole spectrum of colors. If you're concerned about wood blinds and humidity in a kitchen, faux wood blinds are the perfect alternative.

Dark Gray Curtains and Sheer Shades Match This Modern Living Room

Dark Gray Curtains and Sheer Shades

Dark colors are popular in modern interior design and this living room is a perfect example of how rich a dark-toned palette can be. The window coverings here are a combination of low-opacity white horizontal shades with dark gray drapes. The low-opacity shades let in light without sacrificing privacy while the gray drapes can be pulled closed when a blackout effect is desired.

We offer a wide range of different custom window blinds and shades in various opacity levels. Layering drapes or curtain panels over blinds or shades looks beautiful and adds functionality for the homeowner.

Trendy Jewel Tone Colors are the Perfect Palette for Window Treatments

Perfect Palette for Window Treatments

Pops of color are always in, but when it comes to 2019 home décor trends, it's jewel tones that are really in style this year. Jewel-toned shades look richer in color and work well with any existing interior design style. Shown here is a lovely living room outfitted with turquoise drapes. Turquoise is a popular jewel tone and brings color and excitement to rooms with a neutral palette.

You can find plenty of options for jewel-toned drapes, curtains, and even custom window blinds and shades when you work with a Budget Blinds professional.

Sheer Blinds and Shades Soften a Room's Ambient Lighting

Sheer Blinds and Shades

Layering sheer curtains is nothing new but utilizing sheer custom window blinds specifically designed for standalone use is popular when it comes to 2019 home décor trends. This open living room and dining space look beautifully lit thanks to the sheer window shades. These window shades have a touch of opacity to them for privacy, but still let in an incredible amount of natural light. The diffused look creates a lovely ambiance and is particularly beautiful in homes with open floor plans.

We offer sheer and graduated opacity levels for the majority of our custom window blinds and shades. This will allow you to get the same diffused look featured above with minimal effort on your part. Just give Budget Blinds a call and a designer will outline what opacity levels or percentages are available for the custom window blinds and shades you're most interested in.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes Add Drama and Luxury to Living Rooms

Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a long-standing trend in the interior design industry, but in terms of keeping up with 2019 home décor trends, consider luxurious sheers. This living room is every bit elegant and inviting. The addition of floor-to-ceiling white drapes adds drama to the space while the longer style pooling drapes add a touch of easy casualness.

At Budget Blinds, we can create custom window drapes to match whatever color scheme you're working with. You might also want to include matching valances above your drapes if you want a more classic, "finished" look.

Combine Different Window Treatments to Create Layers of Texture

Create Layers of Texture

Combining different window treatments creates layers of texture that add dimension to the interior design of any room. This sitting area looks quite modern, with a touch of art deco, and the layered curtains and window shades bring a touch of coziness. Many people select custom window shades as a standalone window covering but consider adding drapery panels. Not only does it add depth and interest, but it also allows you to pull the drapes closed to completely block light or improve insulation.

Since we offer both wood blinds as well as drapes, it's easy to work with your designer to find the perfect combination. The numerous color options for the drapes and the range of paints and stains for the wood blinds let you coordinate for an ideal design.

Keep Industrial Interior Looking Fresh with Patterned Curtains

Patterned Curtains

Industrial interior design is a popular style, but a common mistake is creating a room that's too dark or unwelcoming. The perfect solution for keeping your industrial-styled home looking fresh is to select patterned curtains or drapes. The living room featured above, with its modern furniture and brick walls, could easily look too harsh if the curtains were an opaque, dark shade. A patterned light gray is a great choice of color since it adds lightness and brightness without detracting from the industrial vibe.

Our curtain panels are a great choice if you're looking for airy, lightweight panels, especially if you're looking for something a little sheer. Patterned drapes are a better choice if you want more light blocking, especially in a room with a television. You can simply pull the drapes closed to prevent sunlight glare on the TV.

Roman Style Shades in Bathrooms Give Total Privacy Control

Roman Style Shades

Finding the perfect custom window blinds is especially important for bathrooms since privacy is of the utmost concern. Roman style shades, such as true Roman shades or pleated shades, are perfect for bathrooms since they are capable of completely blocking the windows. These shades are a beautiful chocolate shade and are constructed of heavy fabric to totally block sunlight and prying eyes.

Budget Blinds Roman shades are great for bathrooms or any other space where you want endless design options as well as total privacy. Pleated shades and roller shades are two other options that offer the same privacy function, but with a slightly different appearance.

Timeless Plantation Shutters Give Ultimate Control of Your Windows

Plantation shutters were originally developed in the 1800s, but they're back as a popular window covering in this year's 2019 home décor trends. Interior Plantation shutters are a highly-functional window covering -- you can use the louvers to control lighting and privacy as well as airflow when the windows are open. Plantation shutters can also be completely opened for maximum light and visibility.

At Budget Blinds, we offer a wonderful selection of custom shutters, including Plantation shutters, composite shutters, cafe shutters, and more. We will measure, customize, and install your wood shutters, so you don't need to worry about getting the perfect fit.

Plantation Shutters

Bring These Trends to Life in Your Home with Budget Blinds

We hope that these 2019 home décor trends for window treatments will inspire you to consider new window treatments for your home. Custom window blinds and other window treatments can make a huge impact on the interior style of your home in many ways, from adding subtle beauty to making a bold fashion statement.

Budget Blinds is the way to go when you want new custom window blinds without breaking the bank. Not only do we offer free consultations to customers, but we also handle all aspects of fitting and installation.

When you're ready to bring one or more of the featured 2019 home décor trends for window coverings into your home, give us a call and take the first step toward creating a more beautiful interior.