Cozy Guest Room for Summer Visitors


Summer brings family and friends together for some fun in the sun and quality time— but with that comes a need for a place to stay while they visit. Decorating a guest room can be a lot of fun! You can deviate a bit from your normal décor to create a space that is unique and comfortable for your visitors. Whether your designated space is your living room couch, spare bedroom or a hotel-like suite, it’s the little touches that make guests feel welcomed and right at “home.” Budget Blinds has put together a few simple ways to make your house guests cozy this summer.


The most important part of your guest room is unquestionably the bed. Generally, the most stressful aspect of travel is trying to get a good night’s sleep in a bed that is not your own. Dress up the bed with custom bedding and quality linens to ensure your guests sleep soundly and are a little less homesick. Always be sure to offer a variety of throw blankets and plenty of pillows so they can add or subtract as desired. Rest and relaxation is definitely a priority on summer vacation! Wouldn’t you agree? 


Bedroom with Drapes

After creating the ultimate sleeping experience with a cozy bed, you’ll want to ensure your guests have a space they feel at home in. Room to unpack and the option for a little privacy can really give your guests a chance to unplug and relax. Available dresser space and hangers in the closet are a nice place to start. Blackout draperies or window shades will also allow your house guests to catch an afternoon nap if needed or catch up from jet lag. You may also want to consider easily accessible lighting to make navigating unfamiliar surroundings easier. Remember, keep the space low maintenance and inviting so guests feel right at home.

Thoughtful Touches

Gift Basket

Sometimes the little things can have a huge impact on guests. Consider having a universal charger warmly plugged in next to a nightstand with a welcome card to your guest with the WiFi password. Predicting your guest's needs and saving them from having to ask will go a long way! Place a chocolate on their pillow, have a few bathroom accessories they might have forgotten to pack on hand, interesting books to read and maybe even a small stash of snacks for an easy pick-me-up between meals. All these little thoughtful touches are sure to make your guests feel cozy in your home.

We hope these cozy guest room ideas will make your visitors feel right at home this summer. Budget Blinds has a wide variety of window treatments, bedding, and pillows to help make your guest room a tranquil oasis. For more information contact your Budget Blinds style consultant today.

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