Cafe Shutters: Your Choice for Privacy

If you're looking to change the aesthetics of your kitchen, bathroom, or living room without doing a complete room remodel, window treatments may be your answer. Cafe ShuttersYou can update and upgrade your living space by adding or changing your window treatments to reflect your style and home decor. Cafe shutters are just one option that offers both form and function while dressing up your room.

Cafe shutters

Cafe shutters are window coverings on the bottom half of your windows, providing privacy and natural light for your bathroom, living room, or kitchen. You can customize the height of the shutters to fit your needs; most homeowners choose either half or two-thirds, depending on the configuration of the windows. Shutters offer elegance and unique style to your home and provide a safe option for pets or children, thanks to their cordless design.

You can dress up your windows even more by adding a valance for a pop of print or color. The durability of cafe shutters makes them ideal for high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens

They're available in a variety of materials, including wood and composite. The composite cafe shutters offer easy-care maintenance and added durability.

Shutter frame

When choosing cafe shutters, first determine which shutter frame will work best for your windows. The frame style you choose depends on whether the installer will mount the shutters inside or outside the window. 

Windows recessed into the wall must be deep enough to allow for shutters to accommodate the movement of the shutter louver. Your local Budget Blinds design consultant will measure the recess depth from the back edge of the window trim or wall to the glass to determine if there is enough room. In addition, if your window has a hand crank, this will need to be considered; otherwise, it may prevent the shutter panels from closing.

 The shutter install will require an outside mount on the existing trim or wall for window openings that lack depth. This type of mount works best for windows that have to be tilted out to clean or have limited-to-no recess depth available to accommodate an inside mount.

Each type of mounting has its pros and cons, but it depends on your window depth and personal preference. The local experts at Budget Blinds will be happy to help you determine which shutter frame would be best for your windows.

Versatility and privacy

Shutters are very versatile and can provide any level of light or privacy you desire. The unique design of shutters allows for complete privacy but provides a generous amount of light. 

Cafe shutters offer you even more privacy while still providing your kitchen, living room, or bathroom with natural light. You could keep the shutters closed and enjoy the light through the top of your windows or open the shutters and flood the room with sunshine.

Optimal fit

Shutters are custom-made for your windows to ensure a good fit, making them the perfect choice for bathroom-window privacy. 

They’re also perfect for any window, big or small, rectangle, or square. In addition, the cafe shutters offer light control and insulation.

Incredible durability

Window shutters, in general, including made-to-measure cafe shutters, are incredibly durable. Shutters are built to last and are known for their classic style and timeless design.

Composite shutters are made from durable materials that won't warp or discolor in the sun and will provide you with privacy for years to come. They are also effortless to clean, thanks to the polypropylene finish. Shutters are also stable; they don't rattle or bang against each other in the breeze of an open window.

If you're ready to transform one room or every room in your house with new window treatments, it's time to contact Budget Blinds. Your local Budget Blinds design expert will provide you with a free in-home or virtual consultation to assess your needs and help you choose the window treatments that you desire. 

Your local design consultant will help you determine the proper height for your made-to-measure cafe shutters to allow the correct balance of light and privacy. In addition, they will measure and determine whether an inside or outside mount would work best and suggest the materials for shutters in each room in your home.Kitchen Cafe ShuttersYour Budget Blinds Design Consultant can also talk with you about adding valances to your windows to help showcase your style even more.

Be sure to ask about motorization, which allows you to open and close your window treatments with a single touch. This convenience can be added to most window treatments, including cafe shutters. Visit us online to schedule a consultation with your local design expert. Let's start the transformation today!

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