Best Window Coverings for Your Front Door

There are many window coverings available on the market you can use to enhance your home's front door. It’s essential to choose a front door covering that is secure, durable, and matches the aesthetic of your home. Privacy is also a top consideration. These tips can help you find the one that provides the best benefits to your

Why your front door needs window coverings

Your front door is where you meet and welcome your friends and guests. The front door of your home deserves the best window treatments possible to function for privacy when needed and yet offer a welcoming style to your home.

Materials best suited for front door window coverings 

Your taste, current needs, and budget should be the main criteria to determine the material you would use for the window covering on your front door. You want to be sure your choice will complement your current home decor. You also may need materials that will provide privacy during the night and allow light in during the day.

You can also read our guide on choosing the best material for your window coverings to explore different options.

What are the best front door coverings?

Your choice will depend on many factors unique to your front door.

For example, you should consult with a designer to determine what kind of window treatment your doors require. French doors, sliding doors, and other door styles often have different requirements based on how the door openings function.   

Also, selecting cordless or motorized options will provide a safer environment for children and following are some of the additional front door coverings you can choose from for your home's front door.

Roman shades are fabric coverings that add softness, color, and pattern to your front door. Motorized Roman shades are an ideal choice for doors because there’s no cord to get in the way of the door. In addition, the shade fabric stacks evenly in horizontal folds when raised.

Woven wood shades created from jute, rattan, or natural grasses are handwoven into materials with a distinct texture and rich surface. Bamboo shades are also an excellent choice for a front door window covering. Adding a light filtering lining allows light to filter through while providing a layer of privacy.

Cellular shades are insulating door coverings used to control how much light comes through windows to save energy and cut heating and cooling costs. Cellular shades are also great for allowing soft light into a room. These come in different opacities and permit you to choose how much light or privacy you desire. Their tight stack fits neatly at the top of the window when raised. Select cordless control for a clean cord-free look.

Faux wood blinds are durable and timeless. In addition, they are unaffected by moisture, making them an excellent choice for window coverings for doors in kitchens.

Different options for your front door

The front door, just like the windows of your home, should be given window coverings to enhance its functionality and appearance. The following are some additional treatment options for your home's front door.

Roller Shades

Custom roller shades can block out sunlight and provide privacy for your home. They are a brilliant selection for entryways. Roller shades are barely noticeable when rolled up as the shades lift into the cassette. They also have a modern, sleek style when the shades are down.

Custom Faux or Wood Shutters

When you have a traditional style, custom shutters are an excellent option that gives your home instant warmth after installation.

These window coverings are perfect for the front doors of homes of those who like the classic design. Of course, you can choose from different shades of paint and stain colors to find the right fit for your home's door.


Drapes are sold in pairs and usually come with a lining. The lining can add a layer of light-filtering or room-darkening, depending on the desired look and functionality. For the best fit order, custom-sized panels to your precise window dimensions. A professional, like your local Budget Blinds design consultant will measure and design. Their expertise will ensure that the drapes stack back away from the door opening allowing the doors to properly function.

Do French doors need curtains?

Maybe your front door is a French door. You might be wondering what kind of window covering would best suit the style. Some of the most popular reasons people use French doors is because they bring sunlight in, and if correctly installed and insulated, they can protect against heat and cold.

French doors give less privacy because they’re mostly glass. Therefore, installing curtains or window coverings on French doors is necessary to ensure privacy and light control. 

If you don't want to go with the traditional look of shutters, the best window treatments for French doors are Roman shades, drapes, or cellular shades.

How to cover glass doors for privacy 

If you have beautiful glass doors or French doors in your home and you need some privacy from the outside, you can use the following window coverings:

Curtains or drapes give you the best option. They help you block out the light and UV rays. Another great feature of drapes is how customizable they are. You can customize drapes with the choice of pleat style, colors, and textures to fit your home's aesthetic.

How can I bring in light but gain privacy?

If you want to keep light coming in through your front door and at the same time maintain privacy, you should consider using roller shades, cellular shades, or woven wood shades. Picking any of these options is an excellent way to allow natural light to come in through your home's front door and keep people from seeing into your right window coverings for your front door can add style and functionality to your home. Budget Blinds can help you transform your front door with beautiful window treatments. Ready to get started? Your local Budget Blinds design consultant can help you find the best front door covering ideas for your home. Call today and schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation.

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