Guide to Choosing the Right Material for Your Window Coverings

Are you in the process of choosing the right window covering solution for your home? Then you probably have a ton of questions. Will the chosen solution complement your existing home décor? Will it provide complete privacy during the night and let in light during the day? Will it be easy to maintain?

Drapery in Dining Room

Apart from the aesthetics, there are other factors to consider like functionality, cost, and ease of maintenance. To a large extent, the material of the window covering drives all aspects like appearance, affordability (or the lack of it), and the ability to control natural light, views, and privacy as per our needs at different times of the day. It also impacts the covering’s durability, capacity to provide insulation, and resistance to heat or moisture.

Some materials provide natural insulation year round, helping minimize energy consumption and costs. This is a crucial benefit as utility bills can run high especially in summer and winter. Other types of materials offer resistance to humidity, making them ideal for steamy bathrooms and kitchens while others have natural sun-blocking properties and are a great way to protect your furniture from harmful UV rays that can cause warping and discoloration.

The texture, strength, opacity, and weight of the material determine its suitability in a given environment. The choice of material even dictates the cleaning regimen as some materials are easier to clean than others, requiring just a simple wipe-down while others require elaborate cleaning.

Sounds like a lot of factors to consider. That is why picking the right material is both crucial and challenging. So, what’s the best approach to choosing the perfect material of window treatments for your home space? Here’s a guide to the characteristics of the different materials alongside their pros and cons to help you pick the right one.

Different Materials for Window Covering Solutions

Roman Shades in Living Room

Different materials fulfill different sets of requirements. The right choice of material would ideally depend on several factors like the climate of the region, the function of the room, and the interior décor. For example, in some regions with extremely hot weather the primary requirement is to secure sun protection while in regions with cold climate it’s to prevent loss of heat.

Then there’s the room utility to consider. Some rooms like kitchens and bathrooms would require window coverings that can withstand humidity while bedrooms would require privacy and lighting control. Kids’ bedrooms may not be the best place to install window treatments with hard to clean materials. With regards to the home décor, a classic interior style would require covering materials with a timeless appeal while a contemporary one would require modern window treatments to enhance the effect. 

Some pertinent questions are: which materials are durable and easy to maintain? Which ones are suitable for the children’s bedroom? Which materials provide natural insulation and warp resistance? We answer all these and many more to help you find the window treatment that is a right fit for your home space! Here’s the low-down on the unique features of some of the most commonly used materials and the rooms they are ideally suited for.

1. Real Wood for Natural Insulation and Timeless Appeal

Real wood shutters or blinds provide an elegant, timeless, and organic appeal that is hard to match by any other. In addition, wood is versatile in terms of its appearance and can lend itself to any surrounding, adding natural texture and depth to any space. Budget Blinds’ Wood shutters have texture-rich wood tones that come in a variety of stains and finishes, making it easy to pick one that complements your unique home style or even custom-matches it. Besides, wooden window treatments typically pair well with your existing wood furniture and flooring.

Another plus is that since wood has natural insulating properties, it can significantly lower energy consumption and costs. Wood blinds are also stronger than Aluminum or Vinyl blinds and remain durable over many years, in comparison to fabric blinds. In addition, wooden blinds and shutters provide great privacy as compared to other materials. They also provide good light control when closed. With regards to maintenance too, they’re a breeze! They can be simply wiped clean with a dry cloth on a regular basis or occasionally with a damp one.

2. Faux Wood for Timeless Appeal and Moisture Resistance

Faux wood is a great alternative for real wood for a number of reasons. It looks like natural wood, doesn’t warp or fade when exposed to humidity, and is also much more affordable than real wood. Since faux wood has the appearance of real wood, faux wood blinds and shutters come in wood tones and colors that can complement classic home styles and your existing wooden furniture.

Budget Blinds presents faux wood blinds in a wide variety of styles and colors and an impressive array of texture-rich, wood grain finishes. Besides, our faux wood blinds are constructed from durable polymer materials with UVA inhibitors that prevent cracking, chipping, peeling and yellowing over time. So, these are great options for the bathroom too, apart from bedrooms and living rooms.

Faux wood blinds are also easy to maintain as they can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Deep cleaning is easy too as these blinds can be hosed down or immersed in water without having to worry about warping. Faux wood blinds are also strong and don’t bend easily.

3. Aluminum for Easy Maintenance and Durability

Aluminum blinds are lightweight, durable and have excellent anti-corrosive properties. Budget Blinds’ Aluminum blinds are offered in solid, metallic, and perforated styles and present a sleek and contemporary look. Since they’re resistant to moisture they can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, with a dust resistant finish, they’re easy to care for and maintain. In addition, aluminum blinds can withstand heat and direct light, so they can be installed in sunny rooms too. In addition, they’re tough and tempered to resist kinks or dents.

Aluminum blinds are affordable too and a great choice if you’re looking for a contemporary style window treatment that is both durable and easy to maintain.

4. Vinyl Blinds for Versatility

Budget Blinds’ Vinyl blinds are constructed from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) that is durable, stain-resistant, and care-free, making them a highly versatile alternative in any space. In addition, they provide moisture resistance and easy cleaning. They can be installed in high humidity rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms too. In addition, they are highly resistant to heat and can withstand harmful UV rays too, so they are a great choice for sunrooms.

Budget Blinds offers Vinyl blinds in a variety of popular colors and textures so you can easily find the style and color that complements your home’s decor. They’re exceptionally well suited to homes with a contemporary interior design. Lastly, they’re also much more affordable than blinds of other materials.

5. Fabrics for Variety

If you’re looking for a wide variety of materials and textures along with a diverse array of colors and patterns, fabric blinds are the best option. Budget Blinds offers durable and easy-to-care-for fabrics in a stunning array of patterns and colors. In addition, our Fabric blinds have a special topcoat treatment to help repel dust and dirt, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning.

They also provide a wide range of opacities so you can control the amount of light you want to let in. However, they’re not as versatile in terms of functionality as Aluminum or Vinyl blinds. They’re unable to withstand heat or moisture so they should be avoided in bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor spaces. However, they’re a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms, especially if you want to create a warmer look, as compared to aluminum or vinyl. They also provide excellent insulation and light blocking qualities.

Speaking of fabrics, curtains or drapes also make for excellent window treatments and are available in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. They help provide insulation, complete privacy, and create a cozy ambience that is hard to match by any other window treatment.

6. Woven Wood Shades for Natural Eco-Friendly Materials

If you enjoy the organic and rustic appeal of some window treatments, Budget Blinds’ Woven Wood shades are just what you need. These are constructed from rattan reeds, jute, natural woods, and a variety of grasses – all natural eco-friendly materials that lend an exotic and textured shade with a subtle appeal to your home. Plus, they’re versatile and Budget Blinds offers them in chic and contemporary styles too.

The best part is that Woven Wood shades can be controlled to offer complete privacy and plenty of light, as per your requirements. These beautiful shades are semi-transparent, allowing in plenty of light; for complete privacy these can be paired with a blackout liner which is just perfect for bedrooms and home theaters.

7. Bamboo Shades for Soft Diffused Natural Light

Another eco-friendly option, Bamboo shades are made from 100% organically sourced materials like bamboo, reeds, jutes and grasses. Budget Blinds offers Bamboo shades in rich earth tones and textured finishes. They also come in a variety of styles ranging from a streamlined flat style to Roman.

These are a great option for rooms where soft, diffused natural light is desired. They’re also extremely versatile, allowing you to mix and match different styles and textures of Bamboo shades based on your room décor.

For full opacity consider pairing Bamboo shades with a blackout liner. When these are coupled with a blackout liner, they can completely block out sunlight, providing enhanced energy efficiencies. 

8. Sheer Shades for Subtle Charm

Sheer shades are an elegant and versatile window treatment. They couple the privacy offered by a window shade with the light-softening benefits of a soft sheer. Budget Blinds’ Sheer shades have two layers of soft fabric for enhanced privacy and to allow in natural, filtered light.

The neutral appearance of the sheer material is apt for a subtle yet sophisticated charm. They come in a range of soft-neutral colors and in light-filtering patterns. For greater privacy and light control, consider using dark and bold colors or room-darkening patterns. Or you can consider pairing them with flowing drapes to evoke a timeless and elegant appearance. In fact, many a times, Sheer shades are coupled with drapes to provide the effect of a sheer curtain lining.

Budget Blinds for a Stunning Variety & Premium Quality

As can be seen, different materials suit different requirements and home styles. Pick one that best suits your needs! We hope our guide to choosing the right material for your window coverings will assist you in making a fine selection. But if you would like guidance and tips from an expert, you can schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with a local Budget Blinds Style Consultant. Our team of consultants is trained in helping you select the right window treatment from a range of stunningly beautiful and superior window coverings. We would love to hear from you and fit you with exactly what you need!

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