Best Shutters to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

Summer is in full swing and we’re all set to make the most of the beautiful weather. But it’s also when increasing temperatures can become too hot to handle! Puns aside, the rising mercury can make us want to lounge around in a temperature-controlled room all day sipping icy lemonades!

While sipping lemonade is not such a bad idea, why not try an alternative home cooling solution instead of cranking up the air conditioner? Getting your windows fitted with some "cool" window shutters that help to keep your home cool during summer is a smart, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient measure.

Wood Shutters in Living Room

Budget Blinds offers a range of fabulous shutters that are designed to offer insulation and protection from the sun while enhancing the ambiance of a room. We have a variety of designer-inspired styles, colors, materials, and finishes to choose from.

Let’s dive straight into our wide, eye-catching variety of cooling shutters to explore their features and benefits.

Best Shutters to Keep Your House Cool in Summertime

Plantation Shutters in Bedroom

Whether you’re looking for “cool” interior window shutters that blend with your classic home décor or complement your contemporary style, Budget Blinds has got you covered! You can even custom-match shutters to the unique style of your home!

We’ll discuss the aesthetics as well as the practicality aspect of interior window shutters to provide all the information you’re looking for, and to assist you in making the perfect choice of shutters for your home.

Interior Wood Shutters

Our wood shutters are authentic and manufactured from the highest-grade North American hardwoods. As is commonly known, wood has natural insulating properties that facilitate in keeping homes cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Our interior wood shutters can also be called sun shutters as they block the sun during summer and help keep the inside temperature down, providing energy and cost efficiencies at the same time. Furthermore, they offer protection from the harmful UV rays, preventing furniture from being damaged or faded over time.

Louvers help to control natural light by opening to the degree you prefer. For privacy in your bedrooms and bathrooms, consider café panels that cover the lower half of the windows and allow natural light in through the top half. For patio or closet doors, we recommend bypass styles as the panels slide on a track and stack neatly behind one another. The versatility of our wood shutters enables them to be fitted on any size and shape window, including arched, round, or any other unique shape.

Wood shutters provide a timeless and classic appeal while cooling your home. Budget Blinds has texture-rich wood tones with wood grain luster to complement wood furnishings in a room, further elevating the Traditional and inviting ambiance. An array of stains, solid colors, and finishes help you find the right style to complement your home décor, as well as matching any existing shutter styles you have. The cordless design of shutters is ideal for child safety, and you can opt for wood shutters to be motorized for the ultimate convenience, especially for hard-to-reach windows.

Composite Window and Door Shutters

Your search for practicality, durability, and style ends with composite window and door shutters. Their ability to provide insulation and block the sun’s harmful UV rays make them practical while their synthetic materials offer durability by effectively withstanding high humidity and resisting fading and cracking. Outstanding insulation in summer can substantially lower energy requirements by keeping your home cooler. The synthetic materials make them stain-resistant and low maintenance.

Composite shutters also come in superb styles that lend charm to your interiors. These are available in three popular colors and three louver sizes for optimized light control. Like wood shutters, composite shutters are available in bypass track styles that stack neatly behind one another, making them ideal for patio and closet doors. Kids’ rooms can benefit from the durability and practicality of shutters. Cordless by design, and you have the option of fitting them with a motorized lift system.

Plantation Shutters

Our Plantation shutters that offer timeless Southern charm and style are another excellent choice for maintaining a cool temperature during summer, with their insulating design. When closed, they block sunlight to lower your energy costs by keeping your rooms cooler during summer.

These are available in a wide range of colors and finishes in both real wood and polymer faux wood options, so finding the exact shade for your home’s décor is extremely easy. You can also choose the slat size of the adjustable louvers so you can control the natural lighting, privacy, and airflow as desired. Furthermore, Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters are ideal for French and sliding glass doors as they can hinge and fold due to their bi-fold track design. This lets you match shutter styles on your windows and doors for a well-integrated effect.

Like most other window shutters, Plantation shutters are available with hidden tilt rods and motorized options, too, for ease of use and convenience. Go classic and practical with Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters, customized to match your exact specifications from measurements to blade size and material.

Interior Window Shutters

Whatever style of interior window shutters that you choose, you can rely on their durability and insulation properties to enhance your home for year-round comfort.  

For custom styling, layering indoor shutters with operable drapes that open and close can offer enhanced insulation by added protection from the sun. Stationary drapery panels can add an appealing design element to window shutters and let you introduce contrasting or complementary colors and patterns to a room.

Beat the Summer Heat with Budget Blinds

For shutters that elevate your home’s beauty and style while keeping it cool during summer, choose from Budget Blinds’ extensive collection that covers a range of colors, finishes, and stains for interior shutters. Furthermore, you can provide additional protection from the sun and add privacy to your home and yard with exterior aluminum shutters that can help to beat the heat.

Another tip for cooling the summer heat—install window film to help provide additional protection from the harmful UV rays. Window film comes in a variety of decorative options from clear to intricate designs offering graduated levels of opacity. Use window film alone or as an extra layer of protection in conjunction with shutters.

To discuss ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency with solution-based window treatments, contact your local Style Consultant and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. We would love to visit and help you determine the best window covering designs to meet your specific needs.

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