5 Simple Ways Plantation Shutters Enhance Home Decor

With so many wonderful options for decorative window treatments, it can be difficult to choose between blinds and shutters or drapes and curtains. Even with all of these options, homeowners across the country continue to choose Plantation shutters for a seamless way to tie their interior design and window décor together. Plantation shutters are versatile, functional, and easy to use, which makes them the perfect solution for any living space. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional aesthetic, Plantation shutters have a universal appeal that will complement the interior design of any home.

There are many different types of window shutters to choose from. Plantation shutters are a popular option because they provide a spacious and bright feel to any room. They also look great when layered with soft window treatments like drapery panels for a lush appearance.  

Creative Home Décor Ideas

Plantation shutters are simple and elegant, providing a classic feel.  Combining plantations with other window treatments is also a great way to enhance your home’s existing décor. Long curtains placed on the sides of the window will soften the edges of the shutters and add additional design interest. Shutters can be installed on just the bottom half of the window for light  and privacy control, while a valance can be placed above to add unique style with a colorful fabric or  simple pattern.

Here are some helpful tips for pairing shutters with each design style through creative home décor ideas from the experts at Budget Blinds. Then, contact your local design expert for a free consultation.

1. Modern Décor

Modern design is a broad term that refers to a home with a simple color palette. Modern décor generally utilizes materials like metal, glass, and steel and the home design has clean, crisp lines. The goal of modern décor is to create a sense of simplicity in all elements of the home, including furniture, for a sleek feel with minimal accessories.

It is rare for modern décor to use a lot of wood in the accents of the home, so composite or vinyl Plantation shutters would be your best bet. Composite style Plantation shutters have the resilience and durability of natural materials, with the look of natural wood.

Vinyl Plantation shutters are expertly designed to never warp, peel, chip, or discolor, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture. Vinyl shutters are reinforced in major stress points, so they are exceptionally strong and durable, keeping them from bowing over large, wide windows.

Care is extremely easy with either composite  or vinyl Plantation shutters. Dusting with a soft cloth is all you’ll need to do to maintain the polish of your new window treatments.

2. Rustic Decor

Rustic design uses natural elements like wood and stone to create a natural and awe-inspiring aesthetic. Pulling from natural elements, rustic décor tends to incorporate accessories and furnishings that embody a warm and rich feel. Typically, these homes include features like stone counters, wood beams, reclaimed wood floors, or wooden tables and chairs.

Plantation shutters are a great option for rustic décor and effortlessly tie your living space together. Natural wood shutters are undoubtedly the ideal option when choosing types of window shutters to enhance a home with rustic décor.

Wood shutters are also available in a large selection of stains and colors. Budget Blinds offers the ability to personalize Planation shutters with custom paints for a unique and stylish look. Custom wood Plantation shutters also offer significant insulation, making your outdoor-inspired home feel as cozy and comfortable as any indoor space.

All the wood used on Plantation shutters from Budget Blinds is sourced from the highest-grade American hardwoods from certified forests. These eco-friendly window treatments provide a rich and earthy feel while still encompassing a refined and elegant look. When choosing wood Plantation shutters for your rustic home, you know you’re receiving sustainable products that will complement your décor.

3. Minimalist Décor

Minimalist design takes elements of modern design with its simple color palettes and sleek furnishings and takes it a step further with simplifying the décor. Nothing is excessive in minimalist décor and furniture is simple and streamlined. Minimalist style values clean lines and promotes a sense of functionality and utility.

Anyone with minimalist décor will appreciate the simple and easy-to-use functions of Plantation shutters. These window treatments have features like hidden tilt rods and motorized operation. In addition to easy cleaning, Plantation shutters are a durable window treatment, adding functionality, style, and value to a minimalist home.

A key creative home décor idea for the minimalist is to not shy away from color. Shutters with a contrasting color or finish will stand out and add a touch of flair to a room with sparse furnishings. Shutters with a wood tone stain can add a natural touch to a room with a white trim. Bold colors can spice up a child’s room with a playful vibe while still providing the functionality and simple design that a minimalist desires.

4. Industrial Décor

Industrial décor draws inspiration from industrial designs, like a warehouse or an urban loft. This design gives a sense of unfinished rawness, as it’s typical to see exposed brick, wood, or ductwork in industrial-designed homes. These homes also tend to have high ceilings, renovated lofts, and sparse, functional furniture.

Wooden Plantation shutters would complement the other wood, brick, and metals emphasized in an industrial-designed home. They can be used throughout the rooms and add a uniform look to the entire house while keeping the raw elements prioritized in an industrial home.

5. Traditional Décor

Traditional décor provides a classic look with a style influenced by lavish furnishings and an abundance of accessories placed throughout the home. Traditional homes tend to feature rich color palettes and a variety of textures and patterns. The furniture in a traditionally-designed home may have elaborate and ornate fabrics to create depth and texture.

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for people with traditional décor. One creative home décor idea is to choose white shutters to brighten up your space and create an even more timeless feel.

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