Aluminum Shutters Take the Burn Out of Summer Outdoor Living

June 20 is the official start of summer. Are you ready to embrace summer with all its heat, glare, dust and incessantly buzzing insects?

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” — Russell Baker, author

It’s true. Summer has a magic all its own, and it means outdoor fun, lazy afternoons, get-togethers with family and friends and the love/hate relationship we have with the sun (and sunburn). We talk of morning sun, afternoon glare, midday temperatures…it’s a constant battle to neutralize the effects of the sun and capitalize on every glorious minute of summer.

Budget Blinds® actually has an answer for maximizing your outdoor summer fun. Aluminum shutters are the perfect solution for ensuring that your outdoor spaces are livable, all day, every day, taming the extremes of summer so your family isn’t driven indoors. Simmering heat, summer showers and blustery breezes are no match for the beauty and functionality of our collection of indoor-outdoor aluminum shutters!

Beauty and functionality meet:
Bright white aluminum shutters create a wall of control for light and privacy for this sunroom. Slats can be adjusted to allow in just the right amount of light during the day to keep the sunroom comfortable, while still visually connecting with what’s going on outside.
Free from prying eyes:
Even with nearby neighbors, privacy is easy with aluminum shutters that can enclose a balcony, deck or patio, or create an outdoor room. Manage sunlight or block prying eyes with custom aluminum shutters, designed to complement your surroundings.
The beauty of wood:
Aluminum shutters come in natural wood grain finishes and colors but without the frailties of wood. Impervious to rain, wind, heat and cold, wood-tone aluminum shutters enhance the rustic appeal of this outdoor kitchen and will remain beautiful for years.
A room with a view:
Wood Grain Powder Coat aluminum Plantation shutters open wide the view and let in pleasant breezes when the weather is fine. Closing the shutters makes the room secure from wind, rain or sun so there’s never the need to move the party indoors.
Added safety and security:
Green aluminum shutters add safety to this outdoor deck. Better than just a railing, shutters provide light and privacy control when the kids are swimming, sunning or picnicking on the deck. Aluminum shutters have strength and durability built in to withstand heavy use.
Functional privacy screen:
Dappled light through aluminum shutters gives this cabana a relaxing atmosphere. Simply close the shutters for privacy or to completely block the sun’s heat and glare at the hottest part of the day. Never any visible screws, fixings or tilt rods, just clean, beautiful design.
Consistent, classic design:
Aluminum shutters give an elegant, consistent look to the exterior of home; match window shutters with sliding panels on a balcony or French doors. Aluminum shutters close tight to protect windows from storm conditions like high winds and torrential rains.
Custom shutters where you need them:
Aluminum Plantation shutters can be customized to fit any space and to coordinate with any home’s interior or exterior. With multiple slat sizes and colors, you can achieve any look you want. Add protection with lockable panels, secure blades and security bolts.
Protect your outdoor living spaces:
Let every day be an outdoor adventure! Keep your outdoor kitchen, patio furniture, and TV fully protected with aluminum shutters that provide UV sun protection, as well as keeping the area cool and comfortable for your family and friends to enjoy.
Big impact in a small space:
Whether you need one panel or a whole wall, aluminum shutters can make any space more efficient and attractive for outdoor living. Fixed, sliding, hinged and multi-fold shutters allow for unlimited design potential to make your summer the coolest ever!
Don’t let this summer melt away when you can have comfortable and protected outdoor living spaces with custom aluminum shutters that create privacy, lower energy costs and add clean design to your home. Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant nearest you, and discover just how much fun you can have in—and out of–the sun.

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