A Guide to the Different Types of Window Shutters

Shutters are a great way to add beauty, privacy, and protection, all at once. After all, there’s nothing that exudes old world charm like good ole shutters. For those of us who prefer the contemporary, there are modern shutter styles too! With Budget Blinds’ impressive range of window coverings, the choices are endless!

White Wood shutters in Bedroom

Should you opt for wood or aluminum shutters? What louver size would you prefer? Would you like café or plantation shutters? How does one pick and choose, given the wide array of choices? To simplify your hunt, we’ve compiled a guide to the different types of window shutters along with their features and functionality.

Different Types of Window Shutters

White Cafe Shutters in Kitchen

Budget Blinds offers several types of window shutters for your indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, we present them in a stunning range of colors, stains, and finishes to help you achieve the effect that you’ve always wanted. We can even custom-match window coverings to your home’s décor, so they further elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home space. Let’s get started with the staggering range of this window treatment!

Elevate your Home Décor with Our Interior Shutters

Budget Blinds’ interior shutters are truly versatile, available in a range of options not only in terms of style or color but also the louver size of your choice. If you want to render a classic touch to your home space, you can never go wrong with interior wood shutters, especially real wood shutters that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly, as these are constructed from sustainable yield-forest management techniques. In addition, these are available in other materials like composite, too.

Budget Blinds uses advanced materials and finishes that are resistant to swelling, shrinking, and warping, so the beauty of your shutters is maintained forever. What’s more, the practicality aspect is not compromised either. You can keep your energy bills to a minimum with these with their unique insulating design.

Furthermore, opt for the material and louvers that match your room-specific requirements. You can also choose among three different and popular louver sizes of wooden shutters - 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” - with the contours of your choice to optimize your view. For the kids’ room, you can opt for motorized shutters for safety and ease. Also, if you want to custom match the color, you can, even with our wood shutters! Or, you can choose from our wide range of stains and finishes. For the living room, consider pairing shutters with drapes for a timeless appearance. The best part is that you can even customize the shutter size and shape, for unique windows and doors such as arches and French doors

Add European Café Style with Café Shutters

If you thought that a window treatment that simultaneously provided privacy, light, and an outside view, sounded too good to be true, think again! Café shutters provide all that and much more! Budget Blinds offers these in a range of materials, from durable, easy-care composite shutters to wood or polymer. You can also choose from an impressive selection of stains, finishes, and colors or custom match with the style of your décor!

These half-height shutters provide timeless beauty with a generous dose of practicality. The top half allows outside views while allowing light in, whereas the bottom half provides full privacy. Furthermore, shutters being free of dangling cords are excellent for the kids’ room or nursery. They are also perfect for high humidity rooms like kitchens and steamy bathrooms, owing to their durability.

For a truly elegant effect, consider dressing the upper portion of Café shutters with valances of a similar or contrasting hue.

Add a Truly Rustic Charm with Wood Shutters

Budget Blinds offers authentic wood shutters that are crafted from the highest-grade North American hardwoods and harvested from certified forests to help conserve the environment. Wood shutters exude a rustic charm reminiscent of the countryside. Budget Blinds’ wood shutters, available in a variety of stains and finishes, can elevate a room’s appeal instantly. What’s more, these can be custom-matched to both the color of your room and the size of your window!

Wood shutters are as practical as they are timeless in their appeal. They provide natural insulation from the cold weather in winter, while blocking the harsh sun during summer. Furthermore, they help lower energy costs while enriching the décor of any room!

Budget Blinds can customize wood shutters to fit any unique window shape, be it arched or round. These tend to be perfect for French doors too! Another plus is that they can be motorized, making them safe and convenient for the kids’ room!

Go Maintenance-Free with Composite Shutters

Budget Blinds’ composite shutters are an extremely energy efficient and stunning window covering. They are designed for durability and can even withstand high humidity areas, making them ideal for steamy bathrooms, kitchens and other places with a high-moisture climate. Moreover, these are the perfect, maintenance-free window treatments that you’ve always wanted, given their ability to resist peeling, warping, and cracking!

Additionally, their synthetic and durable material makes them resistant to pets and insects too! Furthermore, with their ability to block harmful UV rays, they are extremely well-suited to rooms with sun exposure too! In addition, being free from cords, these are extremely safe for pets and children.

Their versatility quotient is further doubled, given that they can be fitted on doors and a wide variety of unique window shapes and sizes, such as arched shaped windows and French doors. Plus, they come in three different louver sizes to control light and privacy: 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½”.

Plantation Shutters for a Classic and Romantic Style

For a truly romantic and classic touch, consider our real wood Plantation shutters, one of our most popular window shutters. Both real and faux wood shutters are available in a variety of colors and finishes so you are not limited in your choices. When it comes to the slat sizes, our wide allows you to control light, visibility, and even airflow when your windows are open.

Exterior Shutters for Combined Durability and Aesthetics

Our exterior aluminum shutters provide both pleasing aesthetics and durability – a fine combination for outdoor spaces. Furthermore, the aluminum construction offers great strength and easy maintenance, another winning combination for the outdoors.

With Budget Blinds, you don’t have to compromise on beauty for durability, strength, and easy maintenance. Our exterior shutters are available in a fine range of colors and finishes, allowing you the freedom to choose the color that is just right for your home décor!

Since aluminum shutters provide excellent security, these are great for any outdoor space such as outdoor kitchens, rooms, patios, and enclosed balconies. You can even partition large rooms with our vertical aluminum exterior shutters. Enjoy your outdoor spaces with the privacy you want with closed shutters and unobstructed views when open!

Dress Your Windows with Budget Blinds

With Budget Blinds’ range of window shutters, you will never be lacking for choice when it comes to style, practicality, convenience, durability, privacy, or easy maintenance! Furthermore, we can customize our shutters to your unique requirements. 

We hope our guide on the ‘types of window shutters’ helps you in making the right choice. If you need more help, you can always schedule a complimentary in-house consultation with our trained design experts. They would love to visit you and recommend the perfect shutters for your home after carefully evaluating your requirements!

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