6 Ways Curtain Lengths Can Change the Size of Your Room

While various window treatments have come up over the years, curtains remain a favorite for many homeowners in 2021.  With the right curtain panels and drapes in your home, you can elevate any space and add beauty and elegance. The trick, however, lies in the selection of design, especially the length. Perhaps you're wondering, "Does the length of my curtains affect the size of my room?"

Yes - and Budget Blinds explains how curtains lengths affect your space and how to measure curtains.

1. Making Your Room Look Larger or Smaller with Curtains

The length of your curtain, the stripe pattern, and the style affect the height illusion. It's best for a small room with a low ceiling to hang the curtains close to the ceiling and let them run the entire length to the floor.

High-hanging curtains with long vertical stripes create the illusion of height, which is excellent for low ceilings. However, short curtains and horizontal stripes shorten your wall height and make the room appear smaller.

Woman opening her curtains in her room

Woman opening her curtains in her room

2. Curtains Above the Window Sill

Curtains hanging right above your window sill (about 1/2" above the window sill) are the shortest among other curtain lengths. This length of the curtain is excellent for small windows above kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and windows near heaters. Since the windows are often small, you can play around with bold colors and patterns.

3. Apron Length Curtains

These are curtains that hang 1" below the window apron. They are excellent in areas where you need full window coverage but have items that may disrupt your curtain’s movement, such as a wall with a window seat.

4. Floor-Length Curtains

Floor-length curtains run from the top of the windows to 1/2" above the floor. They do not touch the floor, which protects them from dirt. Since they hang perfectly straight, they create a polished, uniform, and elegant appearance and increase the height of your walls.

When installing floor-length curtains, it's essential to consider the width. It's best to install curtains that are 1.5× to 2.5× the width of your windows. This helps the curtain panels maintain their folds without appearing overstretched.

Floor-length curtains work well for family rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, especially when the furniture is away from the walls. These curtains are also great for areas with high traffic.

5. Trouser Curtains

If you're installing thick and dark fabrics, trouser-length curtains may be the right choice for you. These curtains go 2" beyond the floor height. They, therefore, lie on the floor, often adding a chic appearance to a room. Custom trouser curtains are great for low-traffic rooms such as formal living and dining rooms. That way, you enjoy flowing curtains without the danger of tripping.

These curtains are also best installed above the window, at least 3 inches above the window frame. Your space feels grander and longer every time you draw and close the curtains. With trouser curtains, you can make an effortless statement in an intimate room.

It's also best to install these curtains on wide curtain rods that extend outside the window frame. This way, you can draw the curtains away from the windows and allow maximum light or a clear view outside. Of course, avoid these curtains if you have kids and pets because they might not provide the safety or lasting beauty you desire.

6. Puddle Curtains

Yes, curtains can be up to 6-10" longer than the floor-length. Think of light, sheer curtain panels gathered at the bottom of a window on a beautiful sunny morning. Puddle curtains are dramatic yet luxurious and are excellent for bedrooms with long windows.

It's best to avoid puddle curtains in high-traffic areas and rooms with kids and pets. The curtains can gather dirt and hair and are, therefore, great for intimate areas. For the best results, install the curtain rods high above the windows and keep the rods' length wider than the windows.

Add 3 inches beyond the window frame on each side to:

  • Make your windows look larger than they are.
  • Open the curtains completely to allow maximum light penetration.
  • Prevent sunlight from peeking out on the sides of the windows.

How to Measure Curtains - The Ultimate Curtain Length Guide

Woman hanging a curtain

Woman hanging a curtain

Going Up

If your ceiling allows it, you'll want to go higher than the window frame.

  • You can go 4 to 6 inches above the window to achieve the right curtain length.
  • If you have 6 to 12 inches between the ceiling and window frame, hang the curtain midway between the ceiling and the top of the window frame.
  • If the room is exceptionally high, hang the curtains at the ceiling line.

Going Down

You can choose between floor, trouser and puddle-length curtains for long curtains.

  • For areas with high traffic, dirt, and regular curtain movement, you should go with floor-length- ½" above the floor.
  • If your curtains are decorative and won't need regular opening, you can go for trouser or puddle length to create a formal and dramatic look.
  • If you have an obstruction on the wall right under the window, such as a window seat, couch, or radiator, the curtain panels should hang right above the obstruction.

Choose Custom Curtain Panels for Your Space

When purchasing curtains for your rooms, you can get pre-designed curtains or order custom for your windows. Custom curtain panels are an excellent choice because you can consult experts about the best colors, patterns, and lengths for each space.

Budget Blinds helps you design the best custom curtains for your space to ensure beauty, natural light, and comfortable use. Reach out today for the perfect curtain length guide for your home.

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