Which Type of Wooden Shutters in Bellingham Should You Get for Your Home?

There are so many materials for window coverings. You’ll find that wooden shutters in Bellingham are highly recommended for the home, but there are different types of woods to buy. It’s time to look at our options.

This isn’t just about the different types of real wood. You will also want to consider faux wood for the property. Let’s take a look at your individual options.

Faux Wood Is an Excellent Option for Long-Lasting Shutters

We still start with faux wood shutters in Bellingham. They are made of a wood composite, usually with a vinyl covering on the outside. The vinyl covering helps to protect the wood composite on the inside. Even without the covering, the wood composite will protect against damage compared to other real wood.

Real wood has the issue of warping in the heat. It can also be damaged in rooms with a high humidity level. You’ll want to consider faux wood as it doesn’t succumb to problems from either element. You’ll gain shutters that will last for decades to come.

Oak Shutters Will Last for the Years to Come

If you do want real wooden shutters in Bellingham, you’ll need to consider a wood that is designed to last for decades. Oak is the best option. It’s the strongest wood, but it is also the most expensive option available.

Oak is a darker wood, which can put some people off. After all, it leads to the room looking smaller and darker than it really is. However, it can match the home’s furniture if you get a lot of oak. You want to work with the other wooden items in the room.

Wooden Shutters in Bellingham Made of Pine Are Affordable

Want shutters but need to keep the costs down? This is where pine is useful. It is one of the cheapest types of woods available, but you still get something that looks good and is durable in the home.

Pine is one of the weaker types of woods, though. This is partly why it’s a cheaper option. It doesn’t last as long as oak, warping in the heat a lot sooner than other woods.

However, it is one of the lighter colored woods. If you’re struggling with small or dark rooms, you’ll want to consider pine to help keep the light reflecting around the room.

Which Type of Wood Shutters Will You Get?

In the end, the type of wooden shutters in Bellingham you get will depend on your needs and your budget. If you have a low budget but want something of excellent quality, you’ll want to consider faux wood. It looks like the real deal but will last so much longer over the years.

If you really need real wood, oak is certainly worth considering. The shutters are far more durable than cheaper woods.

There’s nothing wrong with going for faux wooden shutters in Bellingham. You’ll find they’re among the most popular options available. However, you have so many other types of woods to pick depending on preferences and budget.

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