Best Materials for Kitchen Window Treatments in Bellingham

The kitchen windows are among the hardest windows to find good coverings for. You need to think about the materials for kitchen window treatments in Bellingham.

Think about this room in the house. You have a lot of heat, grease, and moisture. Those are all factors that the window coverings will need to manage, which is why getting the right materials is so important. What are the best options.

Wood Composite Is a Great Place to Start

One of the most expensive materials for good kitchen window treatments in Bellingham is wood composite. It’s worth the cost, though. This material will offer protection from all the downsides of the kitchen while looking amazing all the time. You also get a good mixture of faux wood and real wood.

The material has a real wood layer inside a faux wood layer. The faux wood helps to protect the material from the heat, so the wood doesn’t warp. It will also prevent moisture getting into the wood and protect against any kitchen grease that spreads. You’ll find that the kitchen grease sits as a layer on top of the faux wood and you can easily wipe it off.

Opt for PVC or Vinyl Blinds

If you don’t have the money for wood composite, vinyl or PVC are your next best options for kitchen window treatments in Bellingham. They are slightly less expensive because they don’t have the real wood layer on the inside. However, they still offer some excellent benefits when it comes to managing the downsides of the kitchen.

This material doesn’t get damaged in the high heat of the room. You won’t have to deal with warping or any staining from the grease in the space. You also don’t need to worry too much about how the moisture will soak in. As long as there are no cracks in the material, PVC or vinyl is designed to last against moisture damage.

These window coverings are very easy to clean. You can usually slide out the slats and just wipe them down with warm soapy water.

Choose a Net or Sheer Curtain Instead

You can opt for fabric kitchen window treatments in Bellingham. These are great if you have small kitchen windows or when you jutt don’t need all the benefits that come with blinds or shades. However, you want to play is smart with the type of fabric you get.

Net and sheer curtains are easy to take down. You can wash them well, getting rid of all the grease that builds up. You will need to look out for any spot damage that happens with the grease, as that can be very difficult to get out.

The material won’t get damaged in the heat, and it dries out quickly because it’s so fine. If you are struggling with moisture damage, wash the curtains well and you should see them as good as new.

When you need full kitchen window treatments in Bellingham, get the materials right. You want to opt for faux wood in a lot of cases to manage the downsides of this room.

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