Which Materials Are Best for Shutters in Lynden?

Shutters are excellent window coverings for the home. You probably already know that you want them, and even the type of shutters in Lynden you want. All you need to decide now is the material.

Most shutters will come in real wood or a type of faux wood. Faux wood could be a wood composite or plain vinyl that looks like the real deal. Then there are some shutters that are made of metal, especially exterior pull-down shutters.

Which type of material should you get for your needs? Here’s a look at the different materials to understand the pros and cons.

Metal Shutters Are Durable but Noisy

We start with metal shutters in Lynden, something that you may consider for the exterior of your home. Getting exterior shutters is a big decision, and they are certainly worthwhile. Many people will opt for plantation shutters or barn shutters made of some type of wood, but metal shutters tend to be on the more durable side.

The material is designed to withstand the elements. Cared for well, it will avoid rusting so they will always look good. And they can be very easy shutters to use because of the way they quickly pull down a little like a garage door.

However, they are noisy and can rattle in the wind. They are also only any good for nighttime or stormy weather use as they block all light shining through.

Faux Wood Shutters in Lynden Are the Most Cost-Effective

If you want interior or exterior shutters, faux wood is going to be a material to consider. You could get a wood composite, which is real wood with a covering over the top, or you could opt for a plastic or vinyl option. Either way, you get a cost-effective option.

Faux wood shutters use the cheapest materials, especially vinyl. At the same time, it’s made to last. This is a material that will last decades and requires very little upkeep. Exterior shutters will need more upkeep than interior shutters.

You can get the material in any color, making sure you match your décor. White or cream tend to be favored as they work with all décor needs.

Real Wood Shutters Are the Best for the Environment

Faux wood is great for long-term benefits when in use, but what about when you’ve stopped using them? The material will remain in the landfills for centuries. That’s not the case with real wood shutters in Lynden.

Real wood is on the more costly side. It will also require a little extra maintenance compared to faux wood. However, the material is designed to last for decades.

When you’ve finished with them, they’ll break down into the ground. Real wood is far better for the environment in the long term because they’re natural material. Just watch out for the warping.

It’s time to make a decision about the material for your shutters in Lynden. Most people choose faux wood, but that’s not your only pick for your window coverings whether you get internal or external shutters.

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