Which Kitchen Window Treatments in Bellingham Are Best to Avoid?

The time has come to update the window coverings around your kitchen. You may already have curtains and find they just don’t work, or maybe they’re just a style you’ve seen in other homes and don’t like. You need kitchen window treatments in Bellingham that are going to offer privacy and lighting benefits while withstanding the problems in the room.

This is one of the hardest rooms to get right. Not only is there a lot of heat and moisture, but you also have to deal with grease. It’s the grease that can cause damage to some window coverings, leading them to not lasting as long as you’d like.

Here are some options that could work depending on your exact needs.

Frosted Glass for Privacy Needs

If you don’t have a lot of glare coming through your window, you won’t need to worry too much about light control. It’s mostly about gaining privacy with your kitchen window treatments in Bellingham. You’ll want to consider getting frosted glass.

This doesn’t mean you need to replace the current glass you have. You could look at getting films that go over your glass to create a frosted look. It’s a great way to keep the costs down. However, it is worth looking at upgrading your glass if you struggle with privacy concerns and you own the home.

Opt for a Privacy Screen Instead

Frosted glass doesn’t give you much light control. You can upgrade to a privacy screen instead. This is one of those kitchen window treatments in Bellingham that could be placed on the exterior of your home depending on the type of screen you get. With this, you cut out the problem of the grease in the room—although there are outside factors to consider.

Privacy screens work well in the home, too. They offer you the chance to block the view coming into your home, while offering some lighting benefits. You’ll filter a lot of the light coming in. The best thing is they’re a step up from solar shades, so you still keep some privacy on a night.

Choose Venetian Blinds for Your Windows

When you want actual kitchen window treatments in Bellingham, you’ll want to turn to venetian blinds. Make sure you opt for faux wood instead of real wood. PVC and vinyl are great options for the kitchen. They are easy to clean to wipe off the grease, and they won’t succumb to heat damage in the room.

Venetian blinds are perfect for light and privacy control. You just twist the slats, controlling where the glare comes in, how much people can see in, and just how much light you let out of the house on a night. You’ll also get able to gain some heating benefits. While you can’t change the heat in the room, you’ll stop it getting hotter with the benefit of blocking the UV rays.

Think about what you need to gain from your kitchen windows. If it’s just privacy, you could probably save money with frosted glass or a film. If you need more, you want semi-permanent kitchen window treatments in Bellingham.

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