What Color Drapery in Bellingham Should You Get?

Now you’ve decided on getting drapery in Bellingham, you need to make sure it matches your home. The choice of material is important, but so is the choice of color.

If you’re buying pre-made, you may find your color choices are limited. However, due to drapes being made of fabric, there are usually plenty of color choices if you’re willing to look. Custom made drapes are beautiful additions to the home to make sure you get the exact style you want.

But where do you start with the colors? What color specifically should you choose? Here are some tips to help you get something perfect for your home.

Look at the Colors Your HOA or Condo Board Set

Before you buy drapery in Bellingham, you’ll need to look at the colors set by the HOA or condo board. Some boards will set colors due to the aesthetic of the place from the outside. The rules HOAs and condo boards make up is one of the reasons a lot of people choose not to live in them.

In most cases, the rule is white. Or it could be a neutral color that you choose as long as every window in your home has the exact same color. However, white is usually picked because it’s easy to source, it’s neutral, and it keeps everyone looking the same.

You can have a secondary window covering that isn’t on show. However, you’ll need to have a base that is white, and if you’re only choosing one layer of window coverings then this is the color you have to work with.

Keep Things Neutral with Drapery in Bellingham

Even if your HOA doesn’t set it, it could be worth sticking to some neutral colors for your home. Neutral window coverings are much easier to work with when it comes to changing up your décor in the room. At least if your drapes are neutral, you don’t need to switch them out with every décor change.

This doesn’t mean you have to work with white drapes. You can pick black, grey, or brown. These are all excellent colors to work as a base for the rest of the décor in your home.

If you’re going to choose darker tones, you’ll need to think about keeping the rest of your home light. Darkness will make spaces look much smaller than they really are.

Make Your Drapes the Base of All Décor Needs

While you know you’ll change your décor in the future, you don’t know what you’re going to do. Each time you change your décor, you’ll need a base. You can make your drapery in Bellingham your base.

It doesn’t matter what color you choose here. It could be your favorite color, or it could be something that just currently works with the wall colors or throws you have. As you change your décor in the future, the drapes stay and you make things work around them.

The exact color you choose for drapery in Bellingham is up to you. Just keep an eye on any rules from your HOA and condo board before you start.

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