Should You Get Thin or Thick Vertical Blinds in Ferndale?

You know you want vertical blinds in Ferndale. They are perfect for a lot of window types and needs. However, the choices for your blinds don’t end with just choosing a specific type.

When it comes to vertical blinds, you’ll need to think about the width of the slats. You can get thinner slats, or you can opt for the thicker, wider options. There isn’t a wrong or right answer overall when it comes to this choice. It all depends on what you need for your home specifically.

How Much Light Do You Want to Let In?

You’ll want to figure out how much light you want to let into your home during both the day and the night. While wide and narrow vertical blinds in Ferndale will be able to block all the light and even let all the light in, the thickness is going to affect how much glare you can block during the day.

Thicker slats will mean larger gaps between the slats when they’re open. This means you’ll let a lot more light in when you twist the slats open, which can mean blocking the glare is a little harder. This is a good thing if you want to let in as much light as possible, though.

The narrower slats will mean the gaps are smaller. It can be easier to block some of the glare that comes through the window, which can mean managing the light is much easier.

How Much Privacy Do You Want from Vertical Blinds in Ferndale?

Privacy is essential. It doesn’t really matter which room you’re in. You want to be able to block the view coming into your home, and your window coverings are going to help with that. Vertical blinds will block all view into your home when closed fully, but you don’t necessarily want to keep them closed all the time.

Sometimes, you want to allow the natural light to shine through. This means twisting the slats open a little while keeping some of the privacy.

The narrower slats are going to be better for privacy. The gaps are smaller, making it harder to see through them when looking through the window. Wider slats have wider gaps, and it’s much easier for people outside to see through them. You can still twist the slats to get some privacy, but you don’t get as much as you would with narrower slats.

How Small or Large Is Your Room? 

Take a look at the size of your room. If you have a smaller room, you can find the larger slats are going to be a little too big. They take up a lot more space, and they can make it look like the room is smaller than it really is. However, you do let more light in with these blinds, which can help to make the room look a little larger.

Smaller slats will fit in the window a little better. However, if you have a large room, they can end up making the room look a little too big.

It’s time to decide on the slat size of your vertical blinds in Ferndale. Which one is going to work for your needs?

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