Best Tips to Clean Your Valance in Blaine

Like all window coverings, your valance in Blaine will need cleaning regularly. The material is going to collect a lot of dust and pet hair throughout the weeks. Cleaning will help to make sure the valances last as long as they should, while keeping your home healthy.

There are a few steps you can take to clean your valances. Some of them can even be done without taking your valances down.

Use the Upholstery Nozzle on Your Vacuum Cleaner

One of the quickest ways to clean a valance in Blaine is with the vacuum cleaner. You’ll use it for your drapes and curtains, too. In fact, the hose on the vacuum cleaner is perfect for all window coverings. Put on the upholstery addition and you’ll find you get most of the dust and pet hair off.

You’ll need a step ladder for this depending on how high your windows are. It’s important that you grab the valances from the other side and place the nozzle against your hand with the material in between. This is the best way to be able to get into the layers of the fabric to get up all the dust and pet hair.

This may be a little easier if you do take the valances down. Of course, that’s not necessary, but it is something to consider.

Spray with a Natural Cleaner

You’ll want to make sure your valance in Blaine always smells good. You can do this with natural cleaners, which will help save you money and the environment. You’ll also find the natural options much healthier for you in the long run.

The natural cleaners are easy to make. Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and lemon juice. You can use lime juice instead if you prefer the smell of that. You’ll have a gorgeous scent in your home, and if you have cats, you’ve just stopped them from climbing up your curtains and onto your valance!

Wash Your Valances on a Regular Basis

What are the washing instructions for your valance in Blaine? If you can machine wash, this is great. You’ll want to take your valance down and get it through the washing machine. This is done best with your curtains or drapes, or maybe some throws and blankets.

You’ll want to make sure your valances are dried fully before hanging back up. The best way is through the tumble dryer, but not everyone has one. You may find your valance isn’t suited for the dryer. In this case, you’ll want to hang dry.

What if you can’t put your valances through the wash? This is where dry cleaning or steam cleaning is necessary. It’s worth looking at cleaning instructions when you come to buy them and not afterward!

Fabric window coverings can be very easy to clean and maintain. A valance in Blaine is a great option for the home, and you can find some that are machine washable. You don’t have to wash them too often, though. There are other maintenance tips to keep your valances looking and smelling good.

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