5 Questions to Answer Before Buying Roller Blinds in Bellingham

When you get ready to buy new window coverings, you need to make sure they’re going to offer all the benefits you need. There are also safety concerns to think about. There are some excellent roller blinds in Bellingham available, but which ones are going to be the right option for you?

Here are five questions you’ll need to answer before you buy anything. You’ll get something that works for your needs, while being safe for the whole family.

Are They Cordless or Corded?

Safety is essential. Corded roller blinds in Bellingham are strangulation risks, so you need to get something that is going to keep children and pets safe. More and more roller blinds are coming without the continuous loop cords, but there are still some out there available. Keep an eye on your options to get the right opening mechanism for you.

Do You Want Motorized Roller Blinds in Bellingham?

If you want to get rid of the cords, you’ll wonder how to open and close your blinds. One option is to motorize it all. There are different ways to motorize, whether you get something that plugs into the wall or you opt for battery-operated systems.

When choosing electric blinds, make sure you look into backup systems. What happens if the power goes out? Will you be able to open and close your blinds still?

How Much Light Do You Want to Control?

You can get roller blinds in Bellingham in different styles of material. These different styles will affect the amount of light that is and isn’t able to get into the home. If you want a blackout blind, you’ll need to get the thicker materials that are designed to prevent all light shining through.

Not everyone wants that. If you want to filter the light, you’ll need to look into getting solar shades. There are different levels of openness to find the exact amount of light filtering you need.

What Color Should Your Roller Blinds Be?

You can get roller blinds in Bellingham in a lot of different colors. This is an important part of the selection process, as you need to make sure the blinds match the style of the room. Neutral colors are the most popular, but what if you want your window coverings to be the centerpiece for the room?

If you’re looking for something for a child’s room, you’ll need to consider their favorite colors and cartoon characters. It is possible to buy something with them, and you’ll usually find they come in cordless options only.

What Level of Privacy Do You Need?

Some blinds are better for privacy than others. Solar shades will offer privacy during the day, but they’re not the greatest at night. You could always look at dual roller shades. This way you get the light filtering benefits during the day and the privacy whenever you need it day or night.

Take your time to find the right roller blinds in Bellingham for you. By answering the questions above, you’ll figure out which benefits are non-negotiable.

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