Three New Blinds Options for Your New Home in Sammamish

Put Up Curtains Quickly

One of the most popular options is curtains. You can get a railing on a pulley or spring system, so it sticks either side of the window frame. There’s no need to drill anything into the walls and risk damaging the paintwork. Then you can quickly hang cheap curtains that will offer the ability to block out the light from the home.

There are plenty of beautiful looking curtains. You can buy different colors to suit décors and personalities.

Consider Mini Blinds

One of the cheapest blinds option is mini blinds. They are made smaller, suiting a lot of rental windows and needs. The blinds are made with aluminum, faux wood, vinyl and more to keep the costs down. With the slat nature to the blinds, they allow for full light control in a stylish way.

You can also add mini blinds to balcony doors and bay windows. If you have larger windows, it’s possible to add multiple mini blinds. However, you may want to consider standard slat blinds for standard-sized windows.

Opt for Roller Shades

Rather than spending a fortune on Venetian blinds in Sammamish rental properties, opt for basic roller shades. They are among the cheapest options and come in a variety of styles to suit needs. You can install them with screws, but you can also get spring-loaded holders, so there’s no need to risk damaging the wall.

Standard roller shades are extremely practical. Some landlords will even already have them hanging because they are easy to use and maintain. If you buy your own, they tend to come in standard sizes, so they can be moved to other rentals in the future.

Think About Faux Wood Blinds

If you're still not quite found the right option, look into the use of faux wood blinds. These are slightly more expensive than the others, but they work for all rooms in the home. The material looks like wood, but without any of the downsides. The faux wood won’t warp in the heat and are more durable against the UV rays. You’ll be able to take them with you to other rentals.

The exact type of faux wood blinds you get will depend on the rental and the windows. If you know this is a long-term rental and you have sliding windows and doors, consider vertical blinds. They need drilling into the walls but will be easy to use in the direction of the windows.

Before getting blinds for your rental property, consider the best options for the rooms. Look at your budget and assess your needs from the blinds. You’ll soon find the best type for your needs.

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