How Cellular Blinds in Austin Will Help This Winter

As the winter rolls in, you’ll be looking for ways to insulate your home. While we’re not expecting anything like the winter of 2021, it can still get cold. You may not have initially considered cellular blinds in Austin, but you’ll want to.

These window coverings are made of fabric, and they are among the most affordable options around. At the same time, they offer some of the best benefits for the home—and they can actually be perfect for year-round needs. Not sure if they’re going to work for your Austin winters? Here’s how they can.

They Trap the Heat in the Cells

Cellular blinds in Austin are also known as honeycomb shades. The coverings get their names from the way the pleats sit and form a cell. You have two layers of pleats that sit in the opposite directions, creating cells within the blinds. Look at them from the side, and they’ll look a little like honeycombs.

These cells trap the heat that tries to get out of your home. After all, heat wants to warm up the air outside, and you don’t want that to happen. By trapping the heat, the air around the windows doesn’t feel as cold, so the heat stops trying to get out. It remains in the home, creating a more consistent temperature.

You’ll be able to use the heating less while keeping the room warm. Think of the energy bills you’ll save.

They Put Heat Back into the Room

The cells also help to circulate the air, which can lead to some of the heat getting trapped being circulated back into the room. This, again, helps to keep the temperatures more consistent. Cellular blinds in Austin help you reduce the need for the heating on all the time.

They also circulate the cool air. When it comes to the summer, you’ll be able to get air conditioning to circulate back in to reduce your bills. See, cellular shades are perfect for year-round use.

They Allow You to Keep Light and Privacy

While you’re thinking a lot about the heat, there’s also a problem with light in the winter. Cellular blinds in Austin are great, but you’ll need to look at top-down blinds for this benefit.

You have the opportunity to open the blinds from the top, exposing the top part of the window without exposing the bottom part. This keeps the privacy in your home, as people will tend to see through the bottom half of the window. You get all the natural light you need.

UV rays are at lower levels in the winter. They don’t cause as much damage in the home, but they can still create a small greenhouse effect. You’ll not only get the light, but you can add a bit of extra heat during the day. With the bottom part of the window covered, you can block the glare from reflecting light from the snow on the ground.

Updating your window coverings is certainly something worth considering. Cellular blinds in Austin are more than worth considering for the winter months.

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