Why Cordless Blinds in Orange Are a Must (and Not for Child Safety)

You’ll hear a lot about how you need to have cordless blinds in Orange because of child safety. It’s true. The cords on blinds are a major danger to children (and pets).

But what if you don’t have children? What if children never come to your place? Does that mean cordless blinds are useless? Does that mean you’ll find other types of blinds are better?

While there may be other types of blinds that could work better, there are also many benefits to opting for cordless blinds even without children around. Here are four reasons to consider them.

They Don’t Have Gaps at the Edges of the Frame

A lot of blinds and shades end up with gaps on the outside edges of them. These gaps are there to prevent the material from getting caught on your window frames. There’s no need to worry about this with cordless blinds in Orange.

The blinds will mount inside the window frame, usually on a runner. They fit perfectly, so you don’t get slits of light or have to worry about heat escaping through the gaps. Your home is more energy efficient.

They Mount Inside the Frame for Better Placement

Cordless blinds in Orange will sit inside your window frame. You do need to make sure they’re made to fit, but that’s a small thing for a world of benefits. There are decorative benefits to window coverings that sit on the inside of your window frames.

If you have a small room, you can find outside-mounted window coverings that make the room look even smaller. They cover up parts of the walls, even if just a few inches. Your window coverings take over. By mounting inside, your window edges are still visible to help with the dimensions.

Cordless Blinds in Orange Are Very Easy to Use

People tend to think that cordless window treatments will end up being tricky to use. Don’t you have a problem with making the mechanism stick in place when locked?

Part of this is going to depend on the exact type of blinds you get. However, in the majority of cases, you have a button that you simply push when you want to move the blinds up and down. It’s usually something that you pinch with two fingers and release when the blinds are in the right place.

You Can Buy the Motorized to Make Them Better for You

If you’re really worried about the opening and closing of the blinds, you can always look at getting motorized options. There are different styles depending on your technological needs.

Motorized blinds certainly offer a range of extra benefits. If you get them attached to your smartphone, you can even use the blinds when you’re out of the house. You’ll gain far more energy and privacy benefits.

Cordless blinds in Orange are usually considered for homes with children and pets. However, just because you don’t have either of them doesn’t mean that a good set of cordless blinds won’t be good for your home.

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