Can You Still Get Fresh Air with Shutters in Placentia?

There are all sorts of window coverings, and they all come with their own pros and cons. One of the cons you may think shutters in Placentia have is blocking the fresh air when you have the windows open.

Some of this can depend on the style of shutter that you have. There are some that can block the air, but there are others that will still allow it all the flow through. Here are some factors to consider when getting and using your shutters.

Choose the Right Shutters

Let’s start with the style of the shutters in Placentia. You need to make sure you get plantation or colonial shutters. Bahama shutters can also work. You want something with louvers that you can twist.

If you get board and batten shutters, you block the fresh air getting in when the shutters are closed. They act as a door around your windows, which is great for safety and privacy, but not so great when you want the air to flow. Plus, why would you have the windows open when your shutters are closed?

With plantation shutters and others with louvers, you can twist the slats so that they block the light and the view in. There are still gaps for the air to flow through.

Twist the Louvers Only a Little

Now it comes to using the shutters in Placentia. When you have louvers, you have the choice of how much you twist them. IF you twist them all the way closed, you’re blocking all the light and creating the same effect as board and batten shutters. This prevents the fresh air from getting into your home, so there’s no point in having your windows open.

When you twist the louvers open, you allow the air to flow in. You can twist the louvers up or down a little to help manage the light and privacy levels, but the best way to get the fresh air into the room is by keeping the louvers parallel to the floor. This gives the air more space to work its way through.

Shutters Don’t Blow Around in the Breeze

There are plenty of other window coverings that are great for allowing the fresh air to flow into the home. One of the issues with them is that they’re not locked in the window. Shutters in Placentia are sturdy and permanent. They fit the window, and they don’t get blown around in the breeze.

You won’t end up suffering from the clanging of the louvers hitting each other. Vertical blinds can end up with slats clanging against each other, and even fabric slats can make a noise. Roller shades and venetian blinds blow forward and backward. Not only is the noise annoying, but you risk damaging your blinds as they move in a way they’re not supposed to.

It’s time to upgrade your window coverings, and shutters in Placentia come with all types of long-term benefits. Don’t worry about losing the fresh air when you open the windows. The right shutters used the right way are perfect.

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