Which Window Coverings Work Best with a Cornice in Placentia?

There are many types of window coverings. While you may have your personal favorites, you have to work with the style of your home. If you have a cornice in Placentia around the ceiling, you’re going to need to work with this.

 Not every type of window covering works. At the same time, the exact option you get is going to depend on the style of cornice you have or you’re planning on installing within the ceiling. Here are the top types of window coverings that will work best with your cornice.

 Consider Shutters for Over the Window Cornices

 One of the best types of window treatments that will work with a cornice in Placentia is going to be shutters. You want something that speaks of the time period of the cornice. After all, most will look ornate and from the 18th or 19th centuries. 

If you have a plain cornice, you can still work shutters in well. Plantation shutters, especially, now offer a modern look with a lot of heating, privacy, and lighting benefits.

 Soft Furnishings Work Best for a Cornice in Placentia

 How about looking into soft furnishings. These are great for the cornices that hang just above the windows. They offer a chance to add color and style, without taking away from the style of the cornices.

 Whether you have ornate pieces around the ceilings, or you have something plain over the window, you can work soft furnishings in. Look out for drapes or curtains rather than shades, although you can certainly double up with ease if you’d like. 

Consider Venetian Blinds in the Same Color

 You could certainly work with vertical blinds, but a cornice will usually look best with a set of venetian blinds. This works for both a cornice in Placentia just hanging over the window or when you have one that runs along the ceiling.

 When you choose the blinds, make sure you think of coloring. You want to make the cornice and window coverings blend together. Choosing the same colors is the best. This could mean repainting your cornice to white to create a more neutral palette for the home.

 Consider the Time Period of the Cornice

 What type of time period are you trying to gain with the window treatment? This is going to affect the type of window treatments that you choose. You’ll want to make sure the window treatment works with the time period of the cornice in Placentia

For example, if your cornice offers the appearance of an elegant 18th century home, you’re not going to want a modern cellular shade hanging in the window. Plantation shutters or a set of neutral blinds will likely work the best. A set of drapes would be another option. If your cornice is plain, you have more choices.

 A cornice is a beautiful addition to the home. Whether you get a cornice in Placentia installed or it’s already in the home, you want to work with it to make your window coverings stand out for the right reason.

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