4 Most Common Myths About Faux Wood Blinds in Villa Park Debunked

You’ve told friends that you’re buying faux wood blinds in Villa Park. Immediately, you see their negative reactions. They’ve heard so many downsides of blinds that they just can’t see the good.

The problem is most of the “downsides” are actually myths. It’s important to get rid of the myths and understand more about the truths behind them. Here are the four most common myths about faux wood blinds completely debunked.

They’ll Ruin the View Out of Your Home

Okay, if you close the faux wood blinds in Villa Park completely, sure! You’re going to lose the view that way. However, chances are you’re not going to close the slats completely during the day. This would block out all the natural light!

You’re going to twist the slats instead. This doesn’t affect your view out of the house. You’ll still be able to see through. You’ll actually gain privacy because you’ll make it harder for people to see into the home with the slats twisted.

Faux Wood Blinds in Villa Park Will Break Easily

If you look at horror stories of the past, it’s easy to see why this is a myth. Poor quality blinds will break easily. But this is a problem with all materials and all styles of blinds, shades, and shutters. It’s the quality of the product and not the style.

Good quality faux wood isn’t going to break easily. The blinds will actually last for years. In fact, well maintained blinds will last for decades. The material doesn’t warp in the heat, and it is durable against the majority of moisture levels making them suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. The one thing to look out for is pets trying to get through the windows.

These Blinds Aren’t Safe for Children and Pets

You’ll hear a lot about some recalls in parts of the world. Faux wood blinds in Villa Park are being deemed unsafe by some, but this isn’t all blinds. It’s certain types that are unsafe for children and pets.

Older venetian blinds came with cords to pull the blinds up and down and to twist the slats. Things are changing. Manufacturers know that the dangling cords are dangerous, so they’ve found other ways to manage the problem. Most blinds are perfectly safe for children and pets. You can even get motorized blinds to get rid of the problem entirely.

They Are Too Hard to Maintain

Remember that we said you need to maintain the window coverings problem. This brings us to the myth that faux wood blinds in Villa Park are too hard to maintain. This simply is not the truth.

The trickiest bit could be taking out the slats from the settings to clean fully. However, you can clean while they hang if you want. With good maintenance, you’re not going to need to do much scrubbing, and there’s never a need for harsh chemicals and products. Faux wood is one of the easiest materials in the world to maintain.

It’s time to debunk all the myths. Faux wood blinds in Villa Park are worth the investment in your home.

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