5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Blinds in Long Beach

There are times you can repair your window blinds in Long Beach. This is certainly the more affordable that replacing the whole system. Yet there are times that repairs will just end up costing you more in the long term.

When is it time to replace the whole blinds? Here are the top five signs to look out for.

They’re Not Safe for the Family

Take a look at your window blinds in Long Beach. Look out for any cords that are going to cause a strangulation risk to children and pets. If you have anything like that, you’ll want to consider replacing the whole thing immediately. Look for ways to protect children from the cords if you need to save up first. Accidents happen, and they can be devastating.

When the Slats Are Stained or Broken

There are times that you can just replace one or two slats. This is going to work out cheaper in the long run, but you need to look at every single slat in your blinds. Are they all showing signs of wear and tear?

If it’s just the one slat, replace that single one. If it’s all the slats that are now discolored or broken, you’ll want to replace the whole system.

When the Blinds No Longer Open and Close Easily

How easy is it to pull the window blinds in Long Beach up and down? If it’s getting hard, it’s a sign that your window coverings need to be replaced. It shouldn’t be an effect to pull the whole thing up to get to your window.

You’ll also want to look at the locking mechanism. Does this not work properly? Is it catching when you’re trying to move the blinds, or is it not holding when the lock is in place? You’ll need to replace the whole thing.

The Slats No Longer Close Properly

What are the slats like when they’re closed? Do they let some light in? If so, your window blinds in Long Beach are no longer doing the job they should do. Like with stained or broken slats, if it’s just one, you can replace that single one. It will work out cheaper. If it’s more than one, you’ll want to look at replacing the whole system.

The problem with slats that aren’t closing properly is that they’re warping. Each of the slats will suffer this type of damage over time, so you may just want to start fresh.

They Don’t Work for Your Needs Anymore

Our needs for window coverings change. This could be the case for you right now. There’s no point keeping window blinds in Long Beach that no longer meet all your needs. There are other window coverings out there. Is it time to upgrade to motorized blinds? Do you need shutters? What about shades? Take a look at the types of window coverings that meet the new needs that you have.

Don’t be afraid to replace your window blinds in Long Beach if you need to. This isn’t a waste of money. In fact, it could save a lot of money in the future.

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