4 Things to Consider Before Getting Kitchen Blinds in Napavine

Before you get a set of blinds in Napavine for the kitchen, you need to make sure they’re the right type. This isn’t just about the style and type, but about the material.

The kitchen is one of the hardest rooms in the house to add window coverings to. You’re working with a lot of elements that can damage the window coverings. Here are four considerations to make before buying any kitchen blinds.

Will They Manage the High Humidity Levels?

This room can deal with a lot of humidity. When you’re cooking on the stove, you can end up with a lot of steam spreading around the kitchen. This will get to the blinds in Napavine, and it can cause damage to them over the long term.

You also need to deal with other sources of humidity. There will be a lot of backsplash from the water in the sink and you have the kettle or other appliances causing steam. You need something that won’t breakdown with the humidity levels.

While not as bad as the bathroom, you’ll still want something like faux wood blinds to work against the humidity levels.

Will They Deal with the Grease in the Room?

The biggest issue for kitchen blinds in Napavine is the grease. There is a lot of grease in the kitchen, even if you don’t mean to cook with it. You need oil to prevent things from sticking to the pans, and that oil soaks up into the air and can splatter back. Depending on where your stove is in relation to your window, you’ll need to consider the type of window coverings you have.

Grease can stick to and stain roller blinds and other blinds with fabric material. You want something easy to wipe down, so faux wood or metal blinds are often the better options.

Can the Blinds in Napavine Manage High Heat?

Watch out for the heat levels. You don’t need telling that the kitchen gets hot. It’s not always humid. You can end up with a dry heat depending on what you’re cooking in the oven. So, you need blinds that will manage in the heat.

Real wood blinds can be a problem. They warp in the heat. Meanwhile, fabric blinds have the issues mentioned above. You want to look at metal or faux wood blinds to work in the high heat.

Will They Manage the Glare Coming Through the Window?

The final consideration is going to depend on where the window is. If you’re stood at the sink and get a lot of glare coming through the window, you want to control it. You don’t want to manage the washing up in the dark but also don’t want to deal with the sun glaring through.

Look out for Venetian blinds for the kitchen windows. You can twist the slats to make sure the light still shines through, but you get rid of the glare. They are easy to find in the materials that are good for other considerations.

Don’t just get any kitchen blinds in Napavine. Get ones that are going to last for your specific needs.

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