Top Tips for Buffalo Drape Care

Drapes and curtains are often used interchangeably, but there is a big difference between the two when it comes to maintenance. Drapes in Buffalo are permanent fixtures around your windows and will reach the floor in the majority of cases. The fabric is heavier and darker, attracting dust. Here are our top tips for caring for your Buffalo drapes efficiently.

Prevent Dust Build-up Through Shaking

Whenever you open or close your drapes, shake them gently. This helps to prevent dust building up in the material and will help to keep the drapes clean. Try to shake them from as high up as possible, making sure you get rid of the dust in the whole material.

If your drapes are made of thicker material, you may need to shake more regularly throughout the day. This will also depend on the amount of dust a particular room collects. If you think your drapes are duller in color, try shaking to see if it brightens them up.

Use the Brush Adaptor on Your Vacuum Cleaner

Pull out the vacuum cleaner regularly. This can be once a month if you’re in a relatively dust-free room, but you may find you need to do this once a week. Use the brush adaptor to gently move the vacuum cleaner up and down the material to pick up any dust that collects.

If you have pets, you’ll need to do this daily. The bottom of your drapes will collect pet hairs, which can cause some allergies and irritations.

Avoid Laundering Older Buffalo Drapes

The material in your drapes will start to break down. While the drapes in Buffalo will prevent UV damage in the rest of your home, they suffer from the damage instead. This breaks the material further, meaning that the drapes are more likely fall apart after washing. Newer drapes will be stronger, so they can be laundered.

If you want to clean older drapes, opt for dry cleaning or hand washing. Just a damp cloth will be enough to get rid of stains and dirty patches, without damaging the material. If anything is spilled on the drapes, clean it up as soon as possible with a damp cloth to avoid staining.

Of course, if the drapes say they are dry clean only, please do stick to this method of cleaning. Laundering will permanently damage the material, regardless of age. Older drapes can also be professionally cleaned if necessary.

Replace When Weakened

Eventually, your Buffalo drapes will need to be replaced. You’ll know this because the colors will have faded considerably and the material will be extremely weak. If you see elements of the fabric pulling through or falling out, it is time to replace rather than repair. Replacing your drapes will work out more financially viable than attempting to make repairs on weakened material.

That being said, if newer drapes are damaged, you may be able to repair them. Talk to a professional company to make sure they are repaired without being obvious.

Look after your Buffalo drapes. They are designed to hang at all times and will suffer from UV damage (while protecting the rest of your home from it). Drapes in Buffalo collect dust every day, so you’ll need to take steps to prevent that to prolong the life of them.