Pros and Cons of Single Panel Drapes in Lancaster

There are many types of Lancaster drapes, offering a range of pros and cons. One of those types is a single panel drape that hangs on one side of the window. Before you jump into buying them for your home, you need to consider if they’re right for your needs. Here are all the pros and cons of single panel drapes in the home.

Pro: Work Well with Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding doors and windows can be difficult to treat with window coverings. There are minimal options that work in the way the doors and windows open, with vertical blinds as one of the best. However, single panel drapes in Lancaster can be perfect. They move in the same direction and can move the exact same way as the doors or windows easily. One of the benefits over vertical blinds is they’re not as noisy!

Pro: They’re Affordable Options

Drapes are certainly among the most affordable window treatments available. They’re easy to make to keep the manufacturing costs down. Single panel drapes can also be cheaper than double panel because of the less time is taken to create them. When you want something that’s quick and budget-friendly to put up in the home, then these are certainly for you.

Pro: They’re Easy to Install

Like all other types of Lancaster drapes, the single panel options are extremely easy to install. All you need to do is make sure you measure your windows properly. Don’t forget that you want some overhang across the sides of the window for more lighting and heating benefits. There’s no need to hire a professional to install your drapes in the majority of cases.

Con: The Lighting and Heating Benefits Are Minimal

One thing to be aware of with any type of drapes is that the lighting and heating benefits are minimal. You can only open and close, meaning you block out all light or none at all. If you want more lighting control then you’ll want to look at other types of window treatments. As for the heating benefits, these can depend on the exact type of drapes you get. Thermal Lancaster drapes are, by far, the best options when you want to reduce your heating and air conditioning bills.

Con: They Suffer UV Damage

Drapes are among the most problematic for UV damage. They’re constantly in the line of rays and the material breaks down quickly. If you want something long term, you’ll need to look at other window treatments. You can also consider curtain linings to offer extra protection.

Con: They Look One-Sided

Single panel drapes will open and close one way. They’re like vertical blinds and are asymmetrical in the home. While this is beneficial for sliding doors and windows, not everyone likes this look. You may prefer double panel drapes.

Before you get single panel drapes in Lancaster, know everything you can about them. These window treatments do look beautiful, but are they right for your needs and preferences?